Moonstone Necklaces

Discover our collection of moonstone necklaces, with certified natural and authentic gemstones. Each creation of our online store is made in very few copies because moonstone is rare. We take advantage of a network of suppliers located in countries like Sri Lanka and India where the most beautiful moonstones are mined. The blue glow of our high quality gems is breathtaking and full of benefits when worn around the neck. This translucency, called adularescence, is a rare optical phenomenon in mineralogy and a perfect beauty that pleases all jewelry lovers.

We mount our moonstones on silver or gold necklaces to make your jewelry even more luxurious. The shape of our moonstone necklaces is carefully crafted by our team of jewelers to offer you unique handmade creations. Some of our pendants are cabochon cut, some are oval, some are teardrop shaped, while most are simply round. If you wish to use a moonstone necklace for treating yourself, the genuine moonstones we offer work well in Crystal Healing.

Moonstones mounted on necklaces with luxurious metals

We combine only the finest materials to manufacture our moonstone necklaces. This quality process is designed to provide you with jewelry that you will not see anywhere else. Gold and silver are the two main metals we use to mount our natural moonstones. The prices of a necklace can vary depending on the size of the stone, its purity level, its color and its quality. Moonstones with rainbow colored visual reflections or those with significant adularescence are often expensive models due to their authenticity and superior quality.

We also offer moonstone necklaces mounted in white or rose gold to give you a wide range of options. With our pendants, you can enjoy an elegant look and you can take advantage of all the benefits this gemstone provides. The premium quality offered in our online store assures you a moonstone necklace that will last forever. Such a piece of jewelry worn around your neck will enhance your sense of luxury and your fashion appeal.

Perfect jewel for women with many benefits

At Moonstone Store, we know how much women love jewelry and the benefits that it can bring. Both spiritually and aesthetically, that's why we make it a point to offer you high quality moonstone necklaces that you can incorporate into your everyday style. The most demanding women love raw gemstones because of their powerful meaning, you will find them in our collection. Other women prefer to opt for a more understated piece of jewelry to wear around the neck, we also offer this kind of model.

If you want to make more of an impact when you go out, you should accompany your necklace with moonstone earrings, a bracelet or a ring. Such a combination is perfect to highlight your femininity and your taste for luxury jewelry. To make an instant impression with your charming companion, opt for a moonstone necklace with a rough gemstone, your neckline will then be hypnotizing for your beloved.