Moonstone Teardrop Necklace

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  • Beautiful silver moonstone necklace in the shape of a teardrop that falls

    The pendant of this moonstone necklace has been cut to resemble a teardrop, which symbolizes life. This necklace will give you all the benefits of the stone: serenity, calmness, and tenderness. The symbols around the stone can be seen differently, but many see a koala. The chain and the pendant are made of 925 silver.

    • Material : Moonstone; Silver 925
    • Stone size :  0.39*0.55 in / 10*14 mm
    • Necklace included (silver 925)

    Why choose this moonstone necklace?

    The moonstone has an incomparable plus for your look, it matches all other forms of gemstones and precious stones. In terms of style, it is a must-have for your jewelry box ... But it is inside the stone that are hidden its real assets.

    A fashion accessory that conveys the virtues of the moonstone

    You've come this far in life, so you've certainly learned a few tricks to dress ideally for your figure. Showcase your strengths, but don't get stuck in preconceived notions. Play around with different necklines and pairs of jewelry, or sneakers or derbies, and you'll probably find the perfect outfit to match this moonstone teardrop necklace.

    A must-have piece of jewelry for your collection

    Like any wardrobe decision, you'll need to consider the occasion when deciding how to arrange your necklaces. Are you going to a show or out dancing? Opt for pieces that move with the music and catch the light of the place.

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