Moonstone Bracelets

The moonstone bracelets in our store are made from natural moonstones, so you know you're dealing with real stones! Moonstone is a gemstone that has been used for centuries to attract good fortune and success. It is also known as the "stone of new beginnings", which makes it perfect for people looking to start something new in their lives.

The stones in our moonstone bracelets have been polished into smooth ovals, making them pleasant to the touch. You can wear a moonstone bracelet every day or keep it for special occasions - either way, this jewelry will help bring positive energy into your life.

Why wear a moonstone bracelet?

You are eager to wear moonstone jewelry but you don't know what form to wear it in. The best choice for you would be the moonstone bracelet. Simply because the bracelet gives you full access to all the spiritual properties of the stone. A bracelet made of natural stones allows for maximum stimulation of the chakra of the arm that wears it. From the point of view of splendor, bracelets are the ideal choice for wearing a moonstone.

In the past, the moonstone was considered a deity by the Romans and Egyptians. Nowadays, moonstone bracelets are worn in some parts of India to worship the god Chandra Deva. Every Monday of Shukla Paksha, its followers wear the silver moonstone bracelet on their hand to pray to their god. This allows them to have the blessing of the latter as well as his benefits.

What are the benefits of a moonstone bracelet?

Like all moonstone jewelry, the bracelets have many virtues both spiritually and psychologically or in the practice of Crystal Healing. Thus, the moonstone bracelet :

  • Acts on the emotions of who wears it. It softens the mood, increases self-confidence and facilitates the opening to others. It also ensures the good understanding.
  • It amplifies the carnal pleasure in the people who wear it, which favors reconciliation and protects relationships. It triggers passion in the couple and contributes to conjugal happiness.
  • Cures anxiety and stress: the bracelet creates a sense of relaxation in the wearer. It rids your heart of any kind of frustration.
  • Facilitates and soothes sleep in babies: a bracelet placed around the wrist of a child makes him more cheerful and makes him sleep soothingly. Just place a moonstone under the baby's sheets to have the same results.
  • Increases libido: Wearing the bracelet acts on the libido of the individual and thus strengthens fertility and mental stability.
  • Positively influences hormonal reactions, reduces menstrual pain and preserves from certain ailments such as skin diseases for example.

The largest selection of moonstone bracelets

For people who want to buy a moonstone bracelet, there are several models available online at Moonstone Store. We can mention for example: the multicolored moonstone bracelet, the triple protection tiger eye bracelet, hollow stars, stone beads bracelets, rainbow bracelets, gold plate chain set with precious stones and balls. Now you know the virtues of the gemstone that is the moonstone, you can place your jewelry order and receive free shipping.

Natural moonstone bracelet for sale

We sell many moonstone bracelets. However, be aware that moonstone can be used in a variety of ways. Like a rose gold bracelet, the most common way is to wear it as a bracelet around your wrist. However, it is also possible to wear a moonstone ring on your finger for at least 4-5 days. You will then feel its effect on your body and mind. For a dazzling look, use a moonstone necklace that matches the color of your earrings.

Moonstone can be worn with any other jewelry or as a double bracelet like a couple bracelet. Remember, however, that for the bracelet to last, the metal of your moonstone jewelry should be silver. Avoid gold and Panchaloha. It is recommended to wear it in the morning or evening of Monday and especially during the period of the waxing moon.

Improve your fertility with a moonstone bracelet

Since the dawn of time, the moonstone has been known as the stone of femininity, maternity and fertility. During ancient Greek times, the Romans used it to increase their women's chances of getting pregnant. It was also used to protect the pregnancy and the baby after birth.

For women seeking pregnancy, it is recommended to wear a moonstone permanently. It can be worn on a necklace, a moonstone ring, a bracelet and even on earrings. The stone, thanks to its regulatory functions, influences hormonal reactions. It relieves menstrual pain and eliminates irregularities in a woman's cycle, thus enhancing her fertility.

If two partners wear a moonstone bracelet, it can play an important role in their ability to have a child. The moonstone will amplify their carnal desire, boosting their libido which will encourage their embrace and thus the possibility of fertilization. If fertilization occurs, moonstone can be used to preserve the pregnancy because it relieves stress and anxiety. According to some astrologers, the best way to induce a pregnancy is to wear it in the neck on a moonstone necklace. For others still, placing moonstone on the ovarian chakra can cure infertility.

If you are using this stone to solve your problems, you must make sure to recharge it with energy from time to time. To do so, place it under the light for about 5 min. Besides the moonstone, there is the rose quartz which is a rock crystal with the same virtues as the moonstone.

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In our jewelry store, you won't find turquoise, agate, or onyx jewelry, but our natural necklaces, pendants, and moonstone earrings will open you up to intense new hues of beauty. If you want to open up your chakras, complete a piece of hematite or tourmaline jewelry, or slip on a new ring with rhinestones and fantasy, you've come to the right place!

Cheap moonstone bracelet

Since the dawn of time, jewelers have used precious metals and minerals to produce the gold bracelets, chains and rings we all know today. In recent years, however, the public's attraction to moonstone jewelry has widened the gap between it and costume jewelry and gemstone ornaments (emerald, topaz, zircon and sapphire), for their beauty, spiritual benefits, but also for their affordability.

Wear the benefits of this gemstone on your wrist

While the left side is your sensitivity, responsible for managing your inner self, the right side is more about how you act in the outer world. You receive energy from your left side, and it is from this side that you make the positive "changes" that benefit you most emotionally. When you put certain healing crystals on your left wrist, you will be able to consciously control and change the stressful flow of your external environment. In contrast, your right side is your "action" or "doer" side. When you wear crystals on your right wrist, the semi precious stones help you be more productive and control the energy you put into your external environment.

To get the most energetic benefit from your natural moonstone bracelets, simply find the right balance between your left and right sides (similar to the ancient Chinese concept of yin and yang energy - light vs. dark, slow vs. fast, soft vs. hard, internal vs. external). To do this, you can wear moonstone bracelets on your left and right wrists in specific combinations to help you better achieve what you desire. We recommend that you wear a combination of at least 2 moonstone bracelets on each wrist when working with this energy power banding concept.