Raw Moonstones

Our raw moonstones are sourced directly from deposits in Sri Lanka, India and Australia through our network of suppliers. The quality and origin of the minerals are controlled by our team of mineral experts. Our raw moonstones are carefully selected for their beautiful brilliance and purity in order to make our beautiful moonstone jewelry in cabochon form. We offer our raw moonstones for sale so that you can use them in the therapeutic practice of crystal healing, or to make your own jewelry, or as decoration. 

Practice Crystal Healing with our raw and natural moonstones.

In addition to the inner peace that this rare mineral brings, moonstone is characterized by many other benefits on both the mental and physical levels. In Crystal Healing, raw moonstones are widely used for their authentic energies and vibrations. You will find in our store high quality gemstones that you can apply directly on your skin, or to make different types of jewelry, like bracelets or necklaces.