Blue Moonstone Raw

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  • The most beautiful raw moonstones with natural reflections.

    Our raw blue moonstones have translucent reflections, with a vitreous and pearly luster. They are perfect for cutting into cabochons to make your own jewelry, such as bracelets or necklaces. 

    • 3.5oz/100g for one quantity
    • Stones sizes : 0.8 inch to 2 inch / 2 to 5 cm

    Only high quality raw blue moonstones in our store.

    To deserve the poetic name of moonstone, the gemstone must have a color without yellowish tones, but with rich blue and silver reflections, which is exactly what our rough blue moonstones have. The most beautiful gems have become quite rare and therefore their price tends to increase, in our store you can enjoy the best prices on the market.

    Raw blue moonstone forms in plutonic and alkaline rocks, especially in granitic pegmatites, as well as in metamorphic rocks, and sometimes in hydrothermal veins. The exploited deposits are mainly located in India and Sri Lanka, but they are also found in the United States, Madagascar, Burma, Australia and Brazil, as well as in Tanzania.