Moonstone Engagement Rings

The proposal is one of the most important moments in your life. In particular, choosing an engagement ring for your fiancé is without a doubt one of the most difficult steps you will ever take. Moonstone is the best option to prove your love to your loved one with the many benevolent benefits of this rare gemstone. The meaning of moonstone lies in its energy, it is a nourishing, fertile, sensual, deeply feminine energy that knows how to heal and bring you back to wholeness. With its wide palette of rainbow colors ranging from purple, white, gold and blue, a moonstone engagement ring is always enveloped in a reassuring energy, making it a perfect protective jewel to seal a loving union.

The moonstone engagement ring improves fertility

The moonstone symbolizes femininity and maternity with its rounded shape. Synonymous with simplicity and softness, it stimulates fertility. So, if you wish to conceive a child, offering a moonstone engagement ring to your future wife will help her positive procreation energy. It is important to know that this rare mineral also has the ability to regulate menstruation and hormonal secretions. It also helps to relieve painful and/or irregular periods. During pregnancy, moonstone develops the yin side. The future father can also wear it to develop this "maternal" side. Furthermore, moonstone reduces acid reflux and is beneficial for the skin, the complexion and the hair. As you can see, offering a moonstone engagement ring is a promise of a stable and happy marriage.

The moonstone in the form of an engagement ring is a powerful crystal that can change many things with its various healing effects. It is a jewel of balance, a birthstone, a lucky stone, a sacred crystal, an eccentric jewel and a splendid wedding gift. Milky moon, maternal energy, peaceful cocooning in the healing silence, soothing calm and reclaiming your power, all these properties are attributed to the beautiful and mysterious moonstones. The lighter the chosen moonstone engagement ring and the more colorful the gemstone's luster, the more powerful their energetic properties.

The benefits of moonstone on marriage

The moonstone gives depth of feeling in a love relationship and commitment, this stone allows mental balance and harmony to the couple. Moonstone is a feminine stone, giving a moonstone engagement ring to your fiancé will promote his sensitivity, fertility and help release tension and ease fears during his pregnancy. The effect of this gemstone on the female psyche is an increased joie de vivre, greater cheerfulness and youthful charisma.

Enigmatic in name and nature, Moonstone will always be one of those natural stones that hold a special place in weddings. The breathtaking beauty of moonstones is created by the silvery luster that shimmers like moonlight. The gemstone is a variety of orthoclase, belongs to the feldspar family and has a monoclinic crystal system. Its color is transparent, light gray, light blue, milky white, yellowish, light brown or with cat's eye effect. It is characterized by its bluish and syllabic shimmer, which glides gently over the surface as it moves. Moonstones are mainly used as jewelry, moonstone necklaces, engagement rings and almost always appear as faceted cabochons.

How to choose a moonstone engagement ring?

First of all, the engagement ring is different from the wedding band, which is usually a round ring, made of precious metal, sometimes with precious stones. The pure and circular shape of the wedding ring symbolizes the eternal union between two people who love each other. This ring is traditionally given on the wedding day. If your fiancée is very sensitive to wearing her moonstone engagement ring and wedding band on the same finger, you'll want to make sure you choose an engagement ring that allows for this: in general, it's best to choose a straight band and a center stone that isn't too bulky, or one that's high enough in its basket to go over the wedding band.

An engagement ring is a valuable object - a precious object - that requires a certain budget to acquire. However, focusing exclusively on budget is not a good idea: it is better to choose a truly personal ring with powerful benefits that will match your future wife, rather than a very expensive piece of jewelry that does not look like her. Our moonstone engagement rings offer the best of both worlds, affordable prices and powerful meanings like fertility, femininity and protection.

The first question to ask is the color: what moonstone do you want? White gold, yellow gold, blue or rose gold? We recommend two tips to guide you: first of all, think of the jewelry that your partner usually wears. Also know that today, the color of moonstone most favored by our customers is by far white gold, followed by pink gold, blue and finally yellow gold. 

White gold is undoubtedly the most common metal for an engagement ring. Its neutral color is easy to wear and will look great with any color stone. 18K gold, whether white or any other color, is the hardest material used in jewelry and therefore the most durable. 

Rose gold has been particularly fashionable in recent years. Its luminous tone makes it a metal that particularly enhances women with light skin tones (light brown, blonde or red hair, green or blue eyes). It also has the advantage of being solid and never losing its beautiful pink color, perfectly stable over time. 

Yellow gold is the historic metal of jewelry and engagement rings. Its sunny color makes it a recognizable material. Today, yellow gold is still appreciated, even if it has given way to white gold in the hearts of a majority of women. Yellow gold is particularly attractive to women with dark, black or tanned skin.

What shape of engagement ring with moonstone?

  • The round shape: this is by far the most common shape for an engagement ring. It is the one that will bring the most sparkle to your moonstone.
  • The oval shape: Is also very popular, it has the advantage of appearing more voluminous than it really is and works equally well with blue, black or white moonstones. In addition, this type of shape brings a vintage touch.
  • The square shape: this shape brings modernity and softness to the jewelry it adorns. This shape is quite difficult to cut, especially for moonstones. So notice to the lovers of rarity!
  • The pear shape (or drop): this is a shape of engagement ring that will please those who want a resolutely feminine jewel with a touch of originality.