Moonstone Ring 14k Gold

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  • Elegant moonstone ring with 14K gold plating.

    This moonstone ring has an infinite charm! Made of 925 silver with a sublime 14K gold plating, this one will always make you more beautiful. The transparent stone with bluish effects will offer you its countless virtues.

    • Materials : Moonstone, Silver Sterling 925
    • Plated in 14k yellow gold
    • One size fits all (adjustable)

    A great engagement ring

    We love the 14k gold plated moonstone ring. We love it so much that we think it's one of the best gemstones for a non-topaz engagement ring. Moonstone is literally a singular stone. Moonstone jewelry enhances feminine energy and intimate relationships.

    Aren't these the qualities you are looking for during the engagement period? We have more arguments to back up our opinion. Let us teach you the reasons why you should consider a moonstone engagement ring. And if you want to learn more about buying silver rings, check out our blog.

    The meaning of the 14k Gold Plated Moonstone Ring 

    The spiritual meaning of moonstone is unique. It signifies a strong and benevolent feminine energy. This connection comes from the belief that moonstone gets its brilliance from the lunar star. The moon is a traditionally feminine emblem. That's why part of the routine of recharging a moonstone ring is to place it under the light of the moon, to take advantage of its crystal healing.

    By giving you a moonstone ring, your fiancé recognizes your personal strength. He is asking you to share your loving-kindness and strong feminine spirit with him.

    Adorning a 14k Gold Plated Moonstone Ring is yet another way to enhance romantic relationships and fertility. Moonstone is linked to feelings and healing energies. Being completely vulnerable to each other and trusting that things are better together is a pillar of marriage. That's why a 14k Gold Plated Moonstone Ring is the perfect symbol of your shared love.

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