Moonstone Rings

Discover our exclusive collection of moonstone rings. Our specialized store offers quality jewelry selected with care respecting all the criteria of the authenticity of this gem. The models using natural stones will bring you the virtues and benefits that have forged the reputation of this gem. The Silver Rings and their fine stones will fulfill all the desires of the loved one.

Buy the most beautiful moonstone rings

Our special range of designer models is composed of unique models made of 925 Sterling Silver, gold, white gold or rose gold. Adorned with the most beautiful rainbow of gemstones, these jewels are worthy of the finest jewelry. Each model is made in a single copy, the photos represent the actual work created by the jeweler.

Moonstone has many virtues, and many are those who wish to take advantage of them. At Moonstone Store, we are committed to combining the benefits of this stone with quality rings. You will be able to enjoy jewelry that is useful for your health, but also elegant. Many models of rings are available so that everyone can find his style.

We guarantee that each moonstone is natural. They are extracted in Asia (mainly in Tibet and Sri Lanka) to guarantee a quality that meets your expectations. Our genuine moonstones are carefully selected. Before each shipment, we check their conformity: no cracks or stains. Don't take the risk of buying a ring with an artificial stone! We assure you of natural and genuine moonstones. As said before, moonstone has a lot of benefits. We have devoted an article around them, but here are the main ones: relaxation, happiness, softness... This material symbolizes hope and purity, and tends to develop a sense of intuition. By owning a moonstone ring, you will benefit from all its virtues.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

Create a mesmerizing expression of your love by selecting a moonstone engagement ring. This brilliant white stone pairs beautifully with diamond accents, chic and modern in a yellow gold setting. Top it off with a diamond wedding band for a wedding set with even more sparkle.

Moonstone engagement rings feature a white moonstone in place of the traditional center diamond. A certified quality moonstone makes for an exceptional engagement ring. However, moonstones are very soft and prone to cleavage. Therefore, they may not be suitable for daily wear if you are very active. The white tone and brilliance of a moonstone is enhanced in a traditional yellow gold setting, but any other metal choice works well with this luminous stone.

Real and natural moonstone

To ensure maximum comfort, we use durable and comfortable materials for our rings. You will enjoy a luxurious comfort, and no form of discomfort will be felt on the skin. Most rings are made of 925 sterling silver, while some are made of gold. The choice is yours! These materials give the rings a premium look. By combining silver or gold with a moonstone, the effect is immediate: unique and refined style! Each moonstone is unique, so is each ring!

By owning this jewelry, you are sure to be different from others. The color of the stone will always vary, as will the micro cracks that have found their way into it. In addition to that, we offer a wide range of moonstone rings. Find the one that suits you based on the shapes and color. It can also be a great gift! In addition to beautifying yourself with a moonstone ring, you will enjoy the benefits of this beautiful natural stone. Each of the cabochons offers beautiful blue reflections, more or less pronounced. Thanks to our silver or gold jewelry, you can perfectly combine elegance and Crystal Healing.

Many moonstone rings for sale

Our store is specialized in Moonstones. As such, we offer you exclusively jewelry using natural moonstones. It will be possible to you to benefit from a Ring with a genuine moonstone in very reasonable budgets. Indeed, the size of the stone plays a lot on its pricing and there are many models adorning genuine stones of small size. Their energetic effect will be the same, so why deprive yourself?

Ideal for a gift to a loved one, some of our rings have adjustable sizes to fit perfectly on the fingers of the loved one. They are also perfect for a special occasion: if you choose a rose gold ring with a gemstone for your engagement ring, you will have the best choices available on our store!

Meaning of a moonstone ring

Whether you are looking for the benefits of this stone known in Crystal Healing or the beauty of its aesthetics, you will be amazed by this natural, authentic and original choice. This increasingly rare stone truly deserves your interest and appeal. Women particularly like its energetic properties that help them overcome the little worries of everyday life and its soothing, relaxing properties.

Moms and moms-to-be appreciate the help it provides for fertility and pregnancy: it's a great gift to give them if they're not already hooked. With a moonstone ring you are sure to make the right choice! You can complete it in our store with beautiful earrings, pendants, necklaces or bracelets adorned with this natural stone. You will be able to constitute a true set of jewels whose energetic virtues will equal their incredible aesthetic. Do not hesitate any more and visit our collection!

Gemstone with many benefits

The meaning of the moonstone ring evokes, as its name indicates, a relationship with the moon and its energy. The moonstone emanates a cold, soft energy of Yin polarity. Wearing a moonstone ring will therefore amplify the feminine qualities of the person, namely listening, sensitivity, welcome, protection, softness.

This feminine energy helps us to connect with nature, the earth, our surroundings, our family and ourselves. We become more receptive to others, more tolerant and understanding. The moonstone amplifies our intuition, our vision and inner voice, it helps us to connect to our deepest self. While soft and round, it shows us powerful creative abilities. It gives us that "Shakti" force, revered in India as the divine mother of universal creation. In Hindi, her name means "beloved of the moon".

How to wear a moonstone ring

Moonstone rings can be worn with anything, their color can be combined with any other natural stone. With a stone representing femininity, the place of choice for your ring will be the ring finger, as an engagement ring for example. But you can wear it on any finger you like, the trend is to wear rings on the thumb, little finger or index finger. And why not in a foot ring, as Indian women do.

If you like big rings with a cabochon stone for example, it is better to wear it alone, on the ring finger or middle finger. And if you are the style of fine rings on each finger, the moonstone ring will be welcome on any hand.

Offer a moonstone ring to her, or to women who matter

You will have understood, this jewel is the ideal gift for the woman or the young woman. You can offer a moonstone ring to your daughter, your sister or mother, your best friend, as a testimony of the love or friendship that unites you. With this gift you celebrate and encourage her qualities of caring, listening and protection.

If you are a man, you will offer this particular jewel to your lover, your wife, the woman dear to your heart. A way to thank her for her welcoming and caring qualities. A legend says that giving a moonstone ring to your wife for the thirteenth wedding anniversary will strengthen the bonds of love. It is a lucky gift.

The online store to order a moonstone ring

Moonstone Store was created with the objective of bringing to the world the best moonstones, this thanks to articles of superior quality. We have carefully selected our suppliers to offer natural, authentic and natural moonstone jewelry. At the same time, we have taken care to keep our prices reasonable to make them accessible to the greatest number.

Today, thanks to this online store, we offer our expertise on moonstone through moontone bracelets, moonstone necklaces and moonstone earrings. We ship these quality items worldwide. All payment methods offered on our store are highly secure, encrypted and guaranteed.

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