Moonstone Ring Yellow Gold

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  • A beautiful moonstone ring with a lovely yellow gold plating

    If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, this yellow gold moonstone ring has a charm that will not leave anyone indifferent. Made of 925 sterling silver and with a beautiful yellow gold plating, this one will always make you more attractive and seductive.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver S925
    • Plated in yellow gold
    • One size fits all (adjustable)

    A yellow gold ring coupled with the benefits of moonstone

    Known for its virtues and beauty, the moonstone is currently very popular in the jewelry world. This jewel has a luxurious look and a unique style thanks to its 925 silver and yellow gold plating. It will allow you to enjoy the benefits of the stone without losing your elegance! Cubic zirconia perfectly combines with the golden color of the ring to create an even more sublime finish. 

    The meaning of the Yellow Gold Plated Moonstone Ring

    Gold is a brilliant yellow that like yellow, carries power, except that it does not point to power or ego, but rather to power through money. The color of pomp and luxury, gold has long been the privilege of the wealthy on their clothing, jewelry or residence.

    The spiritual significance of moonstone is superb. It represents a strong and benevolent feminine spirituality. This association comes from the belief that moonstone gets its brilliance from the lunar star. Wearing a yellow gold moonstone ring is as much a way to enhance romantic relationships and fertility. Moonstone is linked to feelings and healing energies. Being completely vulnerable to each other and trusting that lives are better together is a pillar of marriage.

    Jewelry store specialized in moonstone

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