Moonstone Ring with Diamonds

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  • Lovely moonstone ring set with diamonds, ideal as an engagement ring!

    Made of silver and set with diamonds around its band, this moonstone ring is perfectly cut and is perfect as an engagement ring. Its beauty catches the light and the eye. Worn alone with a matching pendant, the impressive cut of this moonstone provides a special aura. With the finest quality diamonds set around the center moonstone, this ring offers a classic yet timeless design that can be used for any occasion.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver S925
    • 5 sizes available. Size guide below
    SizeCircumference in inch / mm
    51,95 in / 49,3mm
    62,04 in / 51,9 mm
    72,14 in / 54,4 mm
    82,24 in / 57 mm
    92,33 in / 59,5 mm


    Moonstone - a piece of the moon?

    We are eager to give you a little more detail on this subject. Of course, moonstone does not come from the moon. It comes from Sri Lanka, but also from Australia, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Austria and the United States. But it has something decisive in common with the moon: the unforgettable shimmer you see when moonlight reflects in water - soft, rippling, mystical. Have you experienced it yet? Don't wait any longer and get yourself a beautiful moonstone jewel.

    Significance of a moonstone ring with diamonds

    Gemstones are commonly connected with love and something very passionate. It is no wonder that some gemstones are said to be able to bring love to life. The diamond, the most prestigious and best known gemstone par excellence. Shining with a thousand facets, the diamond is transparent, bluish, but can also be, and more rarely, of all colors: yellow, pink, blue, red, orange, green, black, cognac, champagne, etc. ... Symbol of eternal love and purity, the diamond is the most often chosen gemstone, in solitaire, for an engagement ring.

    Although no gemstone is capable of forcing someone to fall in love with another person, the power of semi-precious stones is very subtle and encouraging. They infuse energy and vibrations of love, and help us develop the right mindset to open our hearts.

    Moonstone is directly connected to the Mother Goddess. Because of this, moonstones are considered to help with a wide variety of women's issues. Specifically, good quality Moonstone is said to be beneficial for the reproductive system, conception, pregnancy, lactation and even childbirth.

    Sublime alliance of diamonds with moonstone

    It is no wonder that the effect of moonstone is beautiful, especially for women. After all, the moon is seen as a symbol of all that cannot be explained between heaven and earth, of feelings and desire, of change and transformation, of fertility, of femininity - and of love. It is a typically feminine stone that enhances the feminine side. In Arab countries, women even sew moonstones into their clothing when they want to have a child, believing that it will increase their fertility. In India, moonstone jewelry is highly prized because it is believed to provide wonderful dreams at night. And in many parts of the world, the semi-precious stone, which belongs to the group of feldspar minerals, has always been known as the "lover's gem"

    The perfect engagement ring to solidify a relationship

    Perfect as a present for your true love, moonstone jewelry brings voluptuousness to all those with active imaginations and romantic souls, who adore mysteries and appreciate true beauty. And, of course, like all gemstones, our moonstones are selected with choice and the utmost care.

    Premium moonstone is a rare gemstone. Prized for its iridescent appearance, many varieties of moonstone are used in designer jewelry. Whether you are looking for a beautiful new addition to your jewelry collection or want to use the stone for its crystal healing benefits, purchase a piece of good quality moonstone to reap the benefits.

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