Moonstone Ring Set in Gold

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  • A moonstone ring set in gold with an inimitable style

    Known for its virtues and beauty, the moonstone is currently very fashionable. This moonstone ring set in gold has a luxurious look and a unique style thanks to its semi-precious stones. The cubic zirconia stones blend perfectly with the gold color of the ring and offer an ever more sublime finish. 

    • Materials : Moonstone, Sterling Silver 925
    • Set in gold
    • One size fits all (adjustable)

    A beautiful declaration of love as an engagement ring

    Gemstones are usually linked to love and something very sensitive. It is no surprise that some gemstones are said to be able to bring passion to life. They contain the ability to protect current relationships and strengthen the loving state of mind. As far back as ancient times, gemstones were often seen as amulets for mental and physical health. In addition, many prominent and very successful people considered gemstones such as moonstone as the perfect setting for an engagement ring.

    The symbol of the moonstone on a ring set in gold

    Some people believe that the event of the full moon can provide the semi-precious stone with phantasmagorical powers; after this event, the semi-precious stone is said to bless the wearer with a lifetime of good health and happiness. Moonstone is directly related to the Mother Goddess. Because of this, moonstones are considered to help with a wide variety of female problems. Specifically, good quality moonstone is said to be beneficial for the reproductive system, conception, pregnancy, lactation and even childbirth. 

    The elegance of a gold-plated ring for your style

    Gold evokes treasures, jewels, ceremonial objects (weapons, seals, dishes...), ornaments, crowns and diadems. Its value is higher than that of silver or bronze. Since the beginning of Antiquity, gold has been the most precious metal in all the great civilizations. Its material power is coupled with a spiritual power: symbol of the sun and the celestial world, it is present in religious ceremonies (utensils, decorations). It is found in the tombs of kings and pharaohs. It represents what is most sacred.

    Premium moonstone is a rare and valuable gemstone. Today, blue and colorless varieties are found only in Sri Lanka, as notable deposits are becoming increasingly rare. Prized for its iridescent appearance, many varieties of moonstone are used in designer jewelry. Whether you are looking for a beautiful new addition to your jewelry collection or want to use the stone for its crystal healing benefits, purchase a good quality piece of moonstone to reap the benefits.

    Does the delicacy of this engagement ring make you feel special? You will also love this moonstone ring and gold more than anything, its charm is timeless and prestigious. If you want to see all our offers of moonstone engagement rings, go to our dedicated collection, there are many designs that could please you. Our specialty jewelry store also offers other kinds of jewelry to match your style with grace, our moonstone jewelry collection includes all that you need.