Green Moonstone Raw

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  • Discover our raw green moonstones and enjoy their beauty.

    The raw green moonstone is much rarer and less known than the classic moonstone. Native to Madagascar, it has a beautiful pastel green color quite exceptional with a slight white iridescence. You can use our raw stones to make jewelry, lucky charms or to apply them to your skin in the practice of Crystal Healing.

    • 3.5oz/100g for one quantity
    • Stones sizes : 0.8 inch to 2 inch / 2 to 5 cm

    High quality raw green moonstone.

    Raw green moonstone is very similar to garnierite in visual appearance. This gemstone is particularly recommended for people who tend to be hard on themselves but also on others as it helps to develop compassion. It is also recommended for hyper-sensitive people to help them balance their emotions. The rough green moonstone is also very effective in managing emotional stress that manifests itself in tantrums for example. To move forward serenely on your life path, you can opt for this stone, it will accompany you in your search for balance.