White Moonstone Raw

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  • Our beautiful raw moonstone from natural deposits.

    Our raw white moonstones are pearly and natural reflections. It is a soft stone, charged with the energy of the Moon. It is also a symbol of harmony and open-mindedness. You can use them according to your desires to make jewels, lucky charms, or wear them in a raw way against your skin to enjoy the benefits of this precious stone.

    • 3.5oz/100g for one quantity
    • Stones sizes : 0.8 inch to 2 inch / 2 to 5 cm

    The most beautiful raw white moonstones in our store.

    The raw white moonstone is a benevolent and positive stone. It harmonizes different energies, emotions and allows access to a state of calm and inner peace. This translucent mineral develops sensitivity, creativity, imagination and softness. Our rough white moonstones are decorative gems often carved in cabochon form or in small pieces to decorate jewelry. The most important deposits of white moonstone are located in India, Sri Lanka and Australia.