Black Moonstone Raw

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  • Beautiful raw black moonstones full of benefits.

    Our raw black moonstones are perfect to be worked into cabochons for your jewelry, or to simply wear on you as a lucky charm. Black moonstone stimulates the imagination. Develops intuition. Regulates menstrual cycles.

    • 3.5oz/100g for one quantity
    • Stones sizes : 0.3 inch to 10 inch / 10 to 25 mm

    The most beautiful rough black moonstones available for sale.

    On the physical level, the benefits of the rough black Moonstone are innumerable. Especially for women, it has the power to regulate menstrual cycles and calm painful periods, or to regulate hormones for better fertility. For everyone, moonstone can also regulate the nervous system, decrease cortisol secretion, and promote the production of dopamine which is a hormone of well-being.

    On the beauty side, a massage or a bath with this gemstone allows you to take care of your skin by giving it radiance and softness. You are less likely to be exposed to skin diseases and pimples.