Moonstone Gemstone Necklace

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  • A moonstone necklace with a natural gemstone

    This sublime moonstone necklace is adorned with a ravishing gemstone and is out of the ordinary thanks to its star shape. A natural moonstone has carefully found its place in the middle of it, making it shine with a thousand lights! A perfect necklace to enjoy the benefits of moonstone while showing off. 

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Chain length : 17,7 in / 45 cm
    • Pendant size : 0,94*0,94 in / 24*24 mm
    • Diameter of the stone : 0,47 in / 12 mm

    A rare gemstone full of symbolism

    The name moonstone comes from its soft color and its pearly reflections similar to the lunar star. Its resemblance is such that in ancient times it was thought to be a fragment of the moon. The moonstone occupies an important place in many civilizations. Our ancestors have always been fascinated by the stars, especially the Sun and the Moon to which they associated a celestial power.

    Indeed, the lunar cycles influence the environment, the Earth, the sea, but also the behavior of humans. They modify the mood, sometimes the sleep. The pale stone directly connected to the Moon has therefore a very strong symbolism. Natural moonstone is a variety of orthoclase with soft shades of white and pearly reflections. As with labradorite, it is the phenomenon of adularescence that gives moonstone its characteristic reflections.

    Moonstone is a perfect gemstone for stunning style

    You've come this far in life, so you've potentially learned a few tricks to dress ideally for your figure. Highlight your strengths, but don't get locked into preconceived notions. Play around with different necklines and pairs of jewelry, or sneakers or derbies, and you'll probably discover a combination of necklaces and pendants that will surprise you.

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