Moonstone Necklace Silver Chain

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  • Beautiful moonstone necklace with a silver chain

    This beautiful moonstone necklace with silver chain will make you shine with its sparkling moonstone! If you love the moon and jewelry, this is exactly the necklace for you. The natural stone was mined and polished in Tibet, Asia. Indulge in this fantastic flower shaped jewelry! 

    • Materials : Silver 925 plated and Moonstone
    • Mineral size : 0,23*0,23 in / 6*6 mm
    • Length of the chain : 19,6 in / 50 cm

    A legendary gemstone around the neck

    The moonstone is a benevolent and positive stone. It harmonizes the different energies, emotions and allows to reach a state of quietude and inner peace. It is a stone that strengthens couples and the love that two people have for each other. With its soft energies it calms disputes and promotes good understanding.

    The translucent mineral develops sensitivity, creativity, imagination and gentleness. It also enhances extra-sensory abilities such as intuition, clairvoyance and makes it easier to distinguish between sincere and false people. It represents Yin, a pure, soft and feminine energy. It promotes open-mindedness, tolerance and kindness of soul. It helps not to fear the one who does not resemble us.

    In men, the moonstone calms the temperaments too warlike, quarrelsome or too impulsive. It favors the feminine sensibility and thus helps to understand better the woman.

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