Moonstone Wedding Necklace

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  • Beautiful wedding necklace with natural and polished moonstone

    Moonstone & 14K gold for this beautiful wedding necklace. This is one of the most wonderful wedding rings! The natural stone has been polished for many hours to achieve an unprecedented softness and shine. The stone used is natural and genuine, which is why each necklace is unique.

    • Materials : Moonstone and 14K Gold
    • Stone size : 0,43 in / 11 mm
    • Chain length : 17,7 in / 45 cm

    The moonstone and the symbol of love

    The moonstone has been associated in all cultures with the feminine principle, called the Yin in Chinese medicine, as the Moon is the feminine star, while the Sun symbolizes the masculine principle. It would represent the light that reassures in the darkness.

    In crystal healing, it would have curative properties against the feminine disorders (inconveniences of the menopause, infertility, menstrual pains...). It would support eroticism and conjugal happiness. It would increase intuition, essentially feminine quality, as well as softness and tenderness, and would develop tolerance. It would support the full blooming of the maternal love and would soften the temperament of the persons a little too severe...

    The moonstone would bring happiness and would reduce the risks of accident. It would be for that the asset of the travelers.

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