Moonstone Necklace Gem

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  • Sumptuous gemstone necklace with a natural moonstone

    With its geometric and refined style, this gemstone necklace with a moonstone has everything to please. Its 925 silver has been carefully tinted to achieve an unprecedented contrast with the stone. The stone is real and natural, let yourself be tempted by this necklace ready to sublimate you!

    • Materials : Moonstone and Sterling Silver 925
    • Stone size : 0,23*0,23 in / 6*6 mm
    • Pendant size : 0,86 in / 22 mm
    • Chain length : 18,5 in / 47 cm

    A precious gem for your jewelry collection

    Moonstone presents a phenomenon of adularescence. This phenomenon takes its name from the adularia family, of which moonstone is a member. When cut into cabochons, these stones have a bluish-white sheen that seems to caress the surface depending on the direction of the light. Moonstone is composed of thin feldspar flakes and this bluish sheen, called adularescence, is caused by the interference of blue light with the feldspar layers.

    It must have a high purity and a colorless background. Cut (shape, proportion and polish), color, transparency, purity and adularescence are the key qualities of this stone. On a rainbow moonstone, adularescence naturally plays a big role.

    In the past, moonstones were traditionally cut as cabochons; today they are increasingly faceted, but it is very difficult to find gem-quality moonstones.The moonstone is the birthstone of June. Its line is white, its cleavage perfect it has a hardness of 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

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