Moonstone Gothic Necklace

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  • Lovely moonstone necklace in a gothic style

    Natural and genuine, the moonstone at the center of this splendid gothic style necklace will give you its benefits. Many circles gravitate around it, placing it at the center of the world. 

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Stone size : 0,31*0,39 in / 8*10 mm
    • Length of the chain : 18,5 in / 47 cm

    Gothic style with moonstone

    The fahion-victims have their own tastes, the gothic too, although the color black is mostly worn this one is not an obligation, the gothic clothes for women are as well red, purple, white, green forest or blue night. There is no rule, each person is the creator of her own gothic style by the combination of clothes and accessories she will choose.

    A gothic moonstone necklace will perfectly complement the style of a man or woman who is a fan of this mysterious style. Pair this beautiful necklace with a corset, boots, a long brocade skirt or a velvet jacket and you'll have a great gothic romantic style.

    A legendary stone that appeals to all goths

    The moon has always fascinated men since the dawn of time. Object of divination, the moonstone takes its name from the Indian civilization which found a great resemblance with the brightness of the lunar star. The moonstone is still sacred in India.

    In ancient Greece, the moonstone was considered the stone of the goddesses. Some men, hoping to receive celestial clairvoyance, even disguised themselves as women with a moonstone in their mouth. Legends also tell us that to increase their chances of becoming mothers, infertile women used to wear a moonstone around their necks as a necklace. As for lovers, they could see their future lover by looking through a moonstone held together.

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