Moonstone Fertility Necklace

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  • Splendid necklace of fertility decorated with a natural moonstone

    Classy and elegant, this fertility moonstone necklace is long and has a unique style thanks to its teardrop shape. Natural elements such as a plant and a leaf are adorned. It comes with a 925 silver chain that guarantees maximum comfort. Take advantage of this jewelry to discover the benevolent virtues of the natural moonstone!

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Pendant size : 1,77in / 4.5 cm
    • Chain size : 18,5 in / 47 cm
    • Stone size : 0,23*0,35 in / 6*9 mm

    The moonstone and its benefits on fertility

    The moonstone has always been considered the best fertility stone to stimulate fertility, it should be worn around the neck every day when trying to make a baby. For women, this stone will help to be more fertile and promote fertilization.

    The benefits of wearing a fertility necklace

    • Regulates menstrual cycles and hormonal secretions
    • Effective in relieving painful, irregular or heavy periods,
    • Recommended to alleviate the effects of menopause
    • Protects during pregnancy and soothes future mothers
    • Facilitates childbirth
    • Contributes to marital happiness

    Please note that this information on the benefits of moonstones is for information purposes, taken from legendary stories. They do not constitute a diagnosis or a medical treatment.

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