Moonstone Pendant Round

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  • Beautiful round moonstone pendant in sterling silver 925

    With a great level of detail, this round moonstone pendant will delight all your loved ones. Numerous 925 silver rings gravitate around the stone, creating a contrasting effect that is both sublime and hypnotic. 

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver Sterling 925
    • Pendant size : 1,18 in / 30 mm
    • Stone size : 0,39 in / 10 mm
    • Chain size : 18,5 in / 47 cm

    Meaning of the round moonstone

    One property of the round moonstone is to regulate the nervous system and the production of hormones. It decreases the secretion of cortisol, the stress hormone, and promotes the production of dopamine, the well-being hormone. For women, owning a round moonstone necklace has the power to regulate cycles and avoid pain during menstruation.

    With its soothing and anti-stress effects, the gem harmonizes the digestive system and thus promotes good digestion and transit. A massage with polished moonstones helps to restore the skin's radiance and fights against pimples and skin diseases.

    How to take care of your moonstone necklace?

    In its natural state, the moonstone purifies and recharges itself through spring water, earth, sunlight or moonlight. But as soon as the stone is no longer in its natural environment, it is necessary to purify and recharge it in order to maintain its positive energy. Indeed, after a while, the stone is drained of its natural energy and needs to be recharged in order to regain its full potential.

    You can purify your round moonstone pendant and other moonstone jewelry by rinsing it thoroughly with clear water, especially not salt or incense. The mineral can be recharged with moonlight overnight, or with soft sunlight, but prefer the rays at sunrise and sunset. It is also possible to recharge it on a cluster of quartz for a few hours. Your stone will then regain all its natural energy.

    You can easily clean the moonstone with a soft cloth to give it back its beautiful pearly shine.

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