Necklace with Moonstone Silver

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  • A silver necklace with an amazingly beautiful moonstone

    This sparkling silver moonstone necklace will give a new flavor to your days. The oval shaped stone positioned in the center of it is natural, while the 925 silver surrounding it will never cease to shine. 

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Stone size : 0,39*0,47 in / 10*12 mm
    • Chain length : 18,5 in / 47 cm
    • Pendant size : 1,18 in / 30 mm

    A legendary moonstone in your jewelry collection

    A famous legend from Vedic history tells of the battle between Vishnu and Bali, the demon god. When Vishnu broke Bali's body into pieces, the parts that fell to Earth turned into different gems. The sparkle in his eyes turned into "Chandrakanta" or what we know today as Moonstone.

    Moonstone is the sacred stone of India. In early traditions, the gem was said to be embedded in the forehead of Ganesh, the four-handed moon god, since the beginning of time. It was written in Hindu mythology that the moonstone is made of moonbeams, hence its luster. This magnificent gem is never displayed outside for sale unless it is placed on a yellow cloth, as yellow is a sacred color.

    According to other legends, the moonstone can give gifts of prophecy and clairvoyance to the wearer. It could also free the wearer's mind to receive wisdom. But to take full advantage of this ability, the Moonstone must be inserted into their mouth during the full moon.

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