Moonstone Cross Necklace

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  • Lovely moonstone necklace in the shape of a Christian cross

    This necklace features a cross in the middle where a beautiful natural moonstone is located. The beauty of its bluish reflections will leave you speechless. The pendant is made of 925 silver, a fantastic piece of jewelry that reflects your faith.

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Stone size : 0,3*0,9 in / 8*8 mm
    • Pendant size : 1,9 in / 50 mm
    • Chain size : 18,5 in / 47 cm

    Meaning of the cross with the moonstone

    Among the Romans, the cult dedicated to the moonstone is incredible. These people believed that the stone changed its appearance according to the phases of the moon and that it even had the ability to influence the phases of the moon. They were also convinced that they could perceive the image of the Roman moon goddess, Diana, on each moonstone. The love and attachment to this stone was therefore very much rooted in the tradition and in the endogenous religions of these peoples.

    A necklace with a strong symbolism

    Can we say that the cult of the moonstone is now a thing of the past? Certainly not. Indeed, even if it is no longer venerated as it was in ancient times, in our time, its fame has not really diminished. Nowadays, wearing a moonstone necklace in the shape of a cross promises elegance and the spiritual properties of moonstone.

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