Moonstone Necklace Natural

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  • Beautiful necklace with a natural and authentic moonstone

    Treat yourself to this beautiful natural moonstone necklace! For yourself or to please one of your loved ones, this beautiful silver necklace will be the perfect piece. Sparkling and shimmering, this moonstone jewel is a sure value in our collection. In addition to its great beauty, the moonstone offers multiple benefits both on the moral and physical level. It will allow you to find harmony and inner peace. 

    • Materials : Natural Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Pendant size : 1,37*0,66 in / 35*17 mm
    • Chain size : 17,7 in / 45 cm

    Significance of natural moonstone

    Throughout antiquity, the moonstone was a great fascination, because it resembled the star that tracked the darkness of the night and kept it away. It was also said that lovers could see the future of their love affair by looking through the stone, and that infertile women had to put it around their neck to increase their chances of becoming mothers. The moonstone would finally have the capacity to stimulate the feeling of love.

    The most important deposits of moonstone are located in the United States, Mexico, Austria, Norway, Armenia, Poland, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and Australia.

    The natural moonstone is a feminine symbol

    Since the moon is considered to be a feminine star, the mineral can therefore improve women's health. The first asset of moonstone is its ability to harmonize hormonal secretions and menstrual cycles. Taking this into account, this mineral can help you solve skin problems like acne. It also eases pain during menstruation.

    You should also know that it is an effective remedy to relieve menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. Besides all this, moonstone optimizes fertility. In addition, it can improve the health of the mother-to-be during pregnancy and relieve her discomfort. It will also facilitate childbirth. One should not forget its capacity to support lactation.

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