Moonstone Energy Necklace

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  • Beautiful energy necklace with a natural moonstone

    With its beautiful square moonstone perfectly smoothed, this energy necklace is plated in 925 silver and will convey to you all the good energies of this legendary gemstone. If you like natural stones and vintage jewelry, this model should greatly appeal to you.

    • Materials : Moonstone and Silver 925
    • Pendant size : 0,3*0,3 in / 8*8 mm
    • Chain length : 19,6 in / 50 cm

    The energy of the moonstone in a precious jewel

    This moonstone energy necklace is a therapeutic piece of jewelry since it is made of a beautiful natural stone. The gemstone is carefully worked and polished so that you can enjoy the virtues of the moonstone wherever you are. The properties and benefits of the stones are in direct contact with your skin and the energetic transmission between the stone and your body is permanent.

    Meaning of the energy of a moonstone

    All over the world, wherever you look, whatever the time period, you will notice that natural moonstones have a meaning and use in all cultures from the earliest civilizations to the present day. In ancient times, moonstones were often worn as amulets of protection. Wherever you are, you can enjoy the benevolent virtues of this legendary stone.

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