The power of the moonstone

The power of the moonstone

Moonstone owes its power and unique brilliance, which has been associated for centuries with the light of the moon. This is why it was attributed magical and powerful properties, associated with the powers of the stars and the power of the moon goddess. But what exactly are the powers of moonstone? And how can you benefit from these powers if they are proven to be true? Discover all these answers in our article.

Where does the power of the moonstone come from?

Where does the power of the moonstone come from

Moonstones were once believed to be the fossilized rays of moonlight. The proof was supposed to be the mysterious blue glow that appeared on its surface when turned. However, contrary to its name, this mineral has nothing to do with the moon, celestial bodies or the cosmos in general. Moonstone belongs to the feldspar group, the most abundant minerals in the earth's crust. So how come this common stone is now one of the most beloved gems for its beauty and most appreciated for its power?

Feldspars (spatial aluminosilicates of potassium, sodium, calcium, rarely barium) are the most abundant group of minerals that build the earth's crust. They are present in almost all types of rocks. They are divided into two groups: potassium stones (K-stones) and sodium stones (plagioclases). Moonstone, also called adularia (after the Adula Mountains in Switzerland where it is found), is a variety of potassium feldspar - orthoclase. Feldspars also include such jewelry stones as sunstone (plagioclase), labradorite (plagioclase) and amazonite (potassium feldspar).

List of powers of the moonstone

List of powers of the moonstone

The moonstone has many beneficial powers for the body and mind. First of all, it allows you to go through the door that leads to the subconscious and to connect to your intuition. It is a precious help to take an important decision.

1. Helps with sleep and creativity

Moonstone helps you sleep and brings premonitions of dreams and gives you the ability to go "through the looking glass". It is also said that simply putting it on the forehead before going to bed can help make the night clear... Sleepwalkers can wear it around their necks to ensure they have quieter nights and don't leave... their beds. More generally, moonstone stimulates imagination and creativity, which is why it is very popular with artists.

2. Allows you to be more calm and peaceful

Calming and soothing powers are attributed to moonstone. For example, hyperactive children can benefit from its anti-stress properties. Highly anxious people will also be more relaxed if they have regular contact with moonstone.

This mineral promotes harmonious relationships between people and softens the temperament of the most impulsive. It is supposed to give men a more "feminine" side, thus promoting greater respect and better listening between the sexes.

3. Protects during long trips

Moonstone is also recommended for frequent travelers and globetrotters. It encourages tolerance and open-mindedness, qualities needed to meet people from all over the world. Moonstone is also said to be a good luck talisman to prevent accidents and bad luck for backpackers, especially those traveling at night. One more reason to adopt it!

4. Promotes fertility and pregnancy

It is often called the stone of women because it would have an impact on the principles, breastfeeding and pregnancy. Menstrual pain, difficulties in breastfeeding, discomfort during menopause... The moonstone would reduce these worries and would even increase the female fertility. It would also reduce the pain felt during childbirth and would increase the maternal instinct after the birth of the child.

Moonstone is said to have many other positive powers: it rebalances the endocrine system, especially the thyroid, and helps the proper circulation of fluids in the blood. In addition, this mineral alleviates acne, calms insect bites and reduces stress-related digestive disorders. Of course, all this information has not been confirmed by scientific studies and comes from empirical observations.

How to use the powers of moonstone?

Moonstone is mainly worn in jewelry to feel all its powers. In pendants or bracelets, it is often associated with metals such as silver or white gold, because their purity and transparency enhance the beauty and powers of the moonstone. In this case, it is cut in the form of a cabochon to better highlight its beauty. Some moonstones can reach quite high prices if they have really rare shades.

The most popular types are the "cat's eye" type with a cross reflection and the "star" type with several reflections placed in a star shape. The gemstone can also be used as a decorative element to beautify the home. Placing the moonstone on a bedside table or in a place where you spend time will allow you to make the most of its benefits.

The bedroom is an ideal place because moonstone has a positive effect on libido, fertility and dreams. There is a reason why moonstone is a favorite among Crystal Healing enthusiasts. As you can see, this captivating translucent white mineral has been used for centuries for its benefits. Even in ancient times, it was praised for its properties and adored for its resemblance to the lunar star.

The power of moonstone jewelry

power of moonstone jewelry

Moonstone is the only variety of feldspar to have gemstone status. This is due to the centuries-old tradition of making this mineral a highly sought-after jewelry material, as well as its partial transparency. Other varieties of feldspar - labradorite or anorthite, although they also attract attention by their beautiful play of light visible on the surface of a polished cabochon, are opaque, which makes gemologists classify them as decorative stones.

The best quality moonstones for jewelry - translucent and characterized by the presence of a bluish glow - come from Sri Lanka. The presence of blue "moonlight" in Sri Lankan adularia depends on the thickness of the albite layers - the thinner they are, the more intense the blue glow. Moonstone has a relatively high hardness - 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale. However, it is quite brittle, and therefore requires special care during the setting process, as well as during use.

The powerful effects of moonstone adularescence

powerful effects of moonstone adularescence

Moonstone has gained recognition for the property called adularescence. This is an optical effect in the form of a silver bead glow running across the surface of a rotating cabochon, resembling moonlight. The reason for the adularescence are the lamellar inclusions of albite (soda-lime feldspar) on which the light is scattered and interfered.

This magical luminosity is the reason for man's eternal enchantment with this mineral. There are beliefs about a mysterious and shimmering stigma that appears on some stones at new moon and grows with the moon.

According to legend, anyone who comes into possession of such a moonstone specimen will be endowed with the ability to predict the future. In the Middle East, women considered the moonstone to be a woman's stone. They claimed that it helped them to overcome physical and moral helplessness and to deal with bad emotions. In Russia, moonstones were put under the pillow to dream of a future spouse at night.

As a jewelry stone, it is especially valued in German-speaking countries, as its historical deposits are located in the Swiss Alps, in the already mentioned Adula massif. Moonstones are considered the traditional stone for people born in June. Its substitute can be a pearl, which is characterized by a similar luster.

The most powerful moonstones come from Sri Lanka

moonstone working men sri lanka

The best quality moonstones come from several small mines located in Meetiyagoda on the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Its inhabitants believe in the divine power of moonstone and venerate it deeply. They believe that this mineral has the ability to attract water and cause life-giving rains during the rainy season.

Meetiyagoda mines are owned by small private entrepreneurs. The mining and processing technology has not changed for years. The stones are extracted by hand, in primitive and rather dangerous conditions. This is not due to a lack of funds, but to the policy of sustainable mining, which aims to prevent aggressive exploitation of the deposits and to preserve them for posterity.

The powers of moonstone for ancient civilizations

Many ancient cultures considered it a sacred stone. Eastern cultures see moonstone as an enchanted spirit, due to its iridescent effect. According to the people of India, it influences dreams. Women in Arab countries wear moonstone sewn into their clothes because they believe it will affect their fertility.

It is believed that this gemstone empowers emotions, opens the subconscious mind and frees intuition so that clear messages can be received. It is also called the stone of lovers because it awakens feelings and intensifies feelings of love. It is a "stone of mystery", identified with feminine energy. When a woman has it in her possession, she becomes more attractive to those around her. It helps men to reach an emotional balance. It awakens in them typically feminine qualities and feelings and helps them to accept the feminine part of their nature.

The energy of the moonstone reveals the inner beauty and truth that we hide in our hearts. It can be a wonderful talisman for meditating on oneself. With its help, it is easier to solve problems and find the missing pieces of the puzzle.

The stone also works as an amulet - it protects people who practice magic. It is a protective barrier against lower astral energies. It will be an ideal amulet for gamblers, as it helps to cool down emotions and protects from rash decisions.


Many people wear moonstone jewelry or a decorative gemstone as a decorative item to take advantage of the powers of moonstone. The benefits are many and affect many aspects of your life. This gemstone will help you find peace and harmony in your relationships and stimulate your imagination and creativity.

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