Moonstone properties

Moonstone properties

Stone of spirituality and travelers, Moonstone intrigues by its name but also its many virtues. Its vitreous and pearly brilliance earned it in the past the nickname of fish eye. Discover the properties of moonstone, its origin and all its benefits.

Moonstone metaphysical properties


  • Mineral species : Feldspars
  • Composition : KAlSi3O8, double silicate of aluminum and potassium
  • Hardness : 6 to 6,5 Mohs
  • Crystal System : Monoclinic
  • Density : from 2,5 to 3
  • Colors : Transparent to White, up to Bluish shades
  • Chakras : Sacred, 3rd eye
  • Deposits : India, Australia, Burma, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, USA, Tanzania
  • Origin of the name : The origin comes from the Sanskrit words "kanta", meaning "beloved", and "chandra", meaning "moon".

Moonstone is a mineral produced by the layered interaction of orthoclase feldspar and sodium feldspar. They are mostly transparent or translucent, with a hardness of 6.5-6/10, a refractive index of 1.52-1.53 and a specific gravity of 2.57.

The most prized moonstones are those from Sri Lanka and India. Blue moonstones are highly prized because of their rarity. Such stones can only be found in Sri Lanka, while India is famous for its production of Rainbow Moonstones. The most historically interesting moonstone mines are in the Adula region of Switzerland. Other mines around the world are in Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, the United States, Australia, Germany, Tanzania, India and Madagascar.


Moonstone is a mineral with a creamy white, yellowish, orange, brown, sometimes transparent with blue iridescence. Its chemical composition is composed of double silicate of aluminum and magnesium KAlSi3O8. Its crystallization is monoclinic. The mineral comes mainly from India, Poland, Sri Lanka. Moonstone can be found in our specialized store raw or polished, cut, pendants, bracelets, necklaces are made.

Physical properties of the moonstone

Physical properties of the moonstone

Stone of balance, it plays on the hormones and helps to regulate them. This allows a reduction of skin problems, especially acne. This influence on hormones also helps to regulate the thyroid. During menstrual cycles, Moonstone helps to soothe stomach pains. Choose Moonstone in case of anxiety and stress, the digestive system is disturbed. Bloating and discomfort can occur. Wearing a moonstone brings relaxation and promotes good digestion. This stone also has draining benefits on the body. Its energies activate the work of the kidneys and the bladder, thus fighting against water retention.

Symbol of femininity, this lunar mineral has many virtues specific to feminine attractions. Protective stone, it accompanies pregnant women during their pregnancy by reducing their stress. Moonstone can also be beneficial for fertility.

Moonstone healing properties

Moonstone healing properties

The moonstone is a master healer for women; it brings soothing, healing, calm energy and helps to regain your inner power and balance. If you wear your moonstone often, such as in jewelry, you will also begin to understand how you are abusing your personal energy and how to learn to love and heal yourself. It can bring knowledge about the mysteries of true feminine power and the essence of all healing.

A stone of intuition, balance and wishes, Moonstones help to embrace our feminine side. It can help distinguish between what is simply needed in life and what is desired. By wearing your Moonstone regularly, you will begin to realize the negative energies that play into the grand scheme of your being and eventually learn to heal yourself. If the gem is lighter then it will take on a more colorful luster and have stronger healing powers.

In addition to being a protective stone for overnight travel, sea travel, childbirth and pregnancy, it also cleanses the digestive system and heals obesity, water retention and menstrual problems. Linked to the crown, third eye and heart chakras, moonstone calms and relieves stress while releasing love in all its forms. Moonstone is a powerful gemstone that can change many things with its various healing effects. It is a jewel of balance, a birthstone, a lucky stone, a sacred crystal, a quirky piece of jewelry and a splendid wedding gift.

Milky moon, maternal energy, peaceful cocooning in the healing silence, soothing calm and reclaiming your power, all these properties are attributed to the beautiful and mysterious moonstones. The clearer the moonstones and the more colorful their luster, the more healing their energetic properties.

Moonstone and associated astrological signs

The stones that surround us and that are found in our beautiful nature are beneficial for each of us, as long as we give them a chance to express themselves! However, their properties may be more favorable to certain signs of the zodiac. This is most often explained by the character traits of each of these signs. As far as Moonstone is concerned, it is associated with the following signs:

  • Cancer
  • Capricorn
  • Gemini

But the meanings of Moonstone will be beneficial for each of us. To take full advantage of the wonders of nature, it is often said, we must take care of it. And this is also true for the stones that we extract from them. For that there are several techniques, suitable and appropriate for each of your minerals according to their composition. 

Psychic properties of the moonstone

Psychic properties of the moonstone

Stone of openness and tolerance, Moonstone facilitates exchanges. It helps people to get along with each other, especially when meeting new people. Worn on the first day of school or work, it facilitates new beginnings in association with the cycles of the moon. In love, this stone consolidates the couple and promotes good understanding.

Calm and soothing, the benefits of Moonstone reduce mental hyperactivity in children and adults alike. Its energies reduce stress and anxiety. By wearing the stone regularly, negative thoughts fade and make way for the positive. Associated with clairvoyance, Moonstone clears the mind when making choices. It develops intuition and favors the making of good decisions. Its vibrations harmonize the emotions and open the mind to new creativity.

Some additional properties :

  • This stone will help you focus and increase your efforts to keep unwanted elements out of your life.
  • It will keep you focused on the positive and help you not to be overwhelmed by the negative events in your life.
  • Keeping a piece of blue moonstone will also filter out harmful electromagnetic transmissions that rob you of your good health and energy.
  • It will also increase your power of concentration and determination. It will increase the energies in your space so that you are more focused and productive.
  • When placed in the west or northwest area of your home or room, it will bring energies of creativity, love and happiness.
  • It will also strengthen your efforts to succeed and achieve more abundance.

Spiritual and emotional powers

The moonstone, in crystal healing, would bring positivity and benevolence. It would allow to harmonize all energies and emotions, while reaching an inner peace. It is a spiritual stone. The mineral would reinforce the feelings of love and the couple, thanks to its soft energies which would support the good agreement and would calm the disputes.

The stone of Moon would develop the imagination, the creativity and the sensitivity. It would also increase extra-sensory abilities, such as clairvoyance or intuition, while facilitating the differentiation between false or sincere people. The stone would embody Yin, softness, femininity, pure energy. It would facilitate tolerance, open-mindedness and goodness of soul. In the man, the mineral would calm a too warlike, impulsive or quarrelsome temperament. It would develop a certain feminine sensibility and would thus help to better decipher the woman.

How to enjoy the properties of moonstone?

To enjoy the properties of moonstone, simply choose a piece of jewelry and wear it with you every day. You can also decorate your home with an object decorated with this stone with magical reflections. To boost your imagination and productivity, don't hesitate to place a cabochon or a moonstone fragment on your desk. Moonstone is used in the field of jewelry. It comes in several varieties. Black, rainbow, orange, white, pink and green moonstones are the most popular. The species with white or blue reflections are the most sought after. These are rare varieties.

This is the case of the moonstone "cat's eye" and "star". Note that moonstone can create beautiful bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and pendants. It is often combined with silver or white gold. The mineral is also used as an ornament in various decorative accessories. In addition, it is available as a rough stone or cabochon.

Which stones to associate with Moonstone?

It is important to know the energies of the stones as well as the different stones associated with Moonstone to avoid any incompatibility. Moonstone is a spiritual stone, and is associated with similar stones such as Amethyst or Aquamarine. Together they help to find wisdom and mental calm. These stones develop the intuitive and spiritual potential of the people who wear them.

Stones used in Crystal Healing that act on the same chakras also work well together. Lapis Lazuli helps to open the third chakra. With Moonstone, the energies multiply and access to a mental quietude becomes easier. As for the sacral chakra, Moonstone and Amber go together very well. The balance of sexuality and creativity will be done with this association of stones.

Moonstone and chakras

The moonstone chakra harmonizes the solar plexus chakra Manipura, the center of all energies of the human body. Balanced, it confers determination, courage, will and power to act. But unbalanced, it leads to an excess of confidence, arrogance, pride or lack of self-esteem that can cause a depressive state. The moonstone then confers inner peace and vital force and gently relieves the digestive system.

This white crystal is also associated with the third eye chakra, Ajna, source of energy balance and harmony of body and mind. Center of lucidity, open-mindedness, it acts on the regulation of the nervous system and the production of hormones.

Some legends about moonstone

legends about moonstone

According to ancient Greek-Roman traditions, moonstone is said to have originated from the hardening of moonbeams. In ancient times, this was the most plausible explanation for the amazing resemblance between the gem and the moon. Indeed, on its surface, one can observe a phenomenon of shimmering under the surface known as adularescence. Silver-blue sparkles appear on contact with the light on the inner surface of the stone. Depending on the grade, these reflections take on the appearance of a star shape or a cat's eye. It looked very much like the moon and during the full moon phase in particular. Consequently, the moonstone, because of its striking resemblance to the moon, acquired the status of a sacred stone at a time when it was customary to worship the stars.

The Hindus called the blue moonstone "Sanskrit chandra" and "kanta", which means "moon" and "beloved". Other civilizations also refer to similar names indicating its astral origin. Blue moonstone is divided into two types of feldspar, orthoclase and albite. The two species are entangled and then, during the cooling process of the mineral, orthoclase and albite split into successive stacked layers. The dispersion of the light on these fine layers produces the adularescence. The name "moonstone" is given to the jewelry only if the adularia has a silvery or bluish reflection (resulting from the adularescence), a consequence of the crystalline structure of this mineral. Preference is generally given to stones without yellowish elements. Its perfect cutting (orthose variety) makes the raw stone vulnerable to shocks. In most cases, the gem is chiseled into a cabochon.

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