Moonstone Sri Lanka

Moonstone Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan moonstones are extremely rare and have an exorbitant price tag. If you are considering buying one, you should know everything there is to know about these strange stones. Find out in our article all you need to know about moonstones from Sri Lanka and know that we offer them in our online store.

What is a Sri Lanka Moonstone ?

moonstone come from Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan moonstone is distinguished by its blue, white and gray tones.

Natural moonstones that come from Sri Lanka have shades of white, blue and gray. Natural moonstones are more expensive than cut moonstones. The intensity of the power of moonstones is very difficult to quantify. There are no physical indicators, such as weight, size or shape, to determine the quality of a moonstone. There is only the feeling of the people who own a moonstone and the pure beauty of this gemstone.

Sri Lanka is a place where there are many gemstone mines. For years, most of the quarries were operated by the mafia. The workers were paid in cash to avoid declaring their income. Because of this, many of these stones became illegal over time.

Because of their small size, you could easily mistake them for ordinary rocks. However, if you rub them between your fingers, you will find that they are very shiny and transparent stones. The larger ones look like pieces of glass. Today, many moonstones from Sri Lanka have been destroyed by washing operations. It is difficult to find any that are not fakes. However, there is a method to distinguish them from real stones. If you roll the stone between your fingers and it becomes translucent, it is probably a fake. Genuine stones should never change color.

How are moonstones mined in Sri Lanka?

moonstone mine sri lanka

Typical Sri Lankan moonstone mine.

Some moonstones in Sri Lanka are found in places where they are easier to mine than in other places. Some stones are also more difficult to mine than others. The process of extraction therefore varies considerably.

Some people start by searching for natural moonstones, then pulling them out of the mountain by hand. Others use a hammer and chisel to extract some from cracks and rocks. Others even use explosives. The natural blue moonstones are then cut into a specific shape, which can take up to a year. Cut moonstones are fairly easy to distinguish from natural moonstones, and they are not as expensive as natural moonstones.

Why are Sri Lankan moonstones rare?

rare blue moonstone sri lanka

Moonstones are among the most difficult gems to find.

The main reason why Sri Lankan moonstones are so rare is that they are extremely difficult to find. It is a natural stone, so it must form on the surface. Areas with high concentrations of moonstones are often in places surrounded by mountains. Direct sunlight does not penetrate them, which means that these stones cannot form.

Also, moonstones cannot be produced in a laboratory. It is also not possible to find natural moonstones in mines. The only way to find new stones is to go looking for places where they are likely to be found and the country of Sri Lanka is one of the places with the most deposits on Earth.

There are also many fake moonstones that have been created in a laboratory, but they are not as easy to make as they seem, and they are relatively expensive. Genuine moonstones that come from Sri Lanka should never change color or lose their power, even if exposed to sunlight.

How to recognize a moonstone from Sri Lanka ?

You can determine the origin of your moonstone by spinning it as slowly as possible. If it spins with some difficulty and tends to lose momentum, it means you have a low quality moonstone. If it spins easily, it means it is of good quality and certainly comes from Sri Lanka. If your moonstone chooses to spin in one direction rather than another, it means it is very powerful.

Not all moonstones are created equal. The nature of natural moonstones varies considerably. Also, not all cut moonstones are created equal. They have different properties depending on their size, shape and color (blue, white, grey), and they have been cut with more or less care. There are moonstones that can heal a person in less than a week, while others can take years.

Why is a heart-shaped moonstone more powerful than a sphere-shaped moonstone? Because the heart is a representation of the center of everything. The heart is the central part of the human body and, although scientists are unable to find the reason, they have established that this is where all life energies are concentrated.

The heart is a focal point of energy, and its location is one of the places where the most can be achieved using moonstones. There are, of course, other places within the human body where higher levels of consciousness can be reached, but the heart, as a focal point, is the most powerful.

The benefits of moonstone from Sri Lanka

benefits properties moonstone Sri Lanka

The properties of the blue moonstone of Sri Lanka are numerous.

Wearing a Sri Lankan moonstone as jewelry allows you to make direct contact with your center of consciousness. You are able to reach a higher level of consciousness and perceive things that you cannot see otherwise. Most people use their heart as an energetic transmitter, and they spend a lot of time worrying, questioning and being suspicious.

By wearing a moonstone, you can hone your ability to feel your own emotions. The moonstone will also allow you to be in touch with the love you share with others and with the earth you live on. The properties of Sri Lankan moonstone will increase your powers of perception and your ability to receive messages.

blue moonstone sri lanka ring
Beautiful ring with moonstone from Sri Lanka, available in the store.

Moonstones are not magic talismans. They cannot, for example, give you a car, a job or a new love. What they will do is make it more likely that you will receive what you need. For example, you might be looking for a job. You can't ask a moonstone to bring a job to your door, but it will help you reduce the obstacles and give you a chance to get hired. You may have a particular problem and want to know how to deal with it. The moonstone may help you solve the problem in an easier way.

When you wear a  Sri Lankan moonstone, your consciousness expands. You learn to feel your own emotions, which helps you reduce stress and solve problems that cause you pain. You feel more in tune with the earth and other people.

Where to buy Sri Lankan moonstones?

The advantage of going to buy a Sri Lanka moonstone from an online store is that you can easily do your research on the website to find the best deals. Online stores are also more convenient if you want to get delivery without going anywhere, but the best option is to find a physical location.

The Moonstone Store is the world's leading moonstone warehouse. We offer high quality products thanks to the know-how of our jewelers and our moonstone taming network located in Sri Lanka. Do not hesitate to visit our different collections to discover all our products.

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