Sunstone and Moonstone

Sunstone and Moonstone

While both Moonstone and Sunstone take their names from essential stars, they have many differences. To better understand gemstones is also to better understand how they can affect you and reveal aspects of your personality. Find out how to differentiate between the sunstone and the moonstone, but also the ways in which they can be combined in celebration of their common stories and inspirations. Let's go for the sunstone vs moonstone match! 

Differences between Moonstone and Sunstone

Differences Moonstone Sunstone

The meanings of moonstone and sunstone are not the same. Moonstone symbolizes femininity, promotes creativity and intuition and emphasizes sensitivity and gentleness. Sunstone, on the other hand, symbolizes vitality and strength, increases energy and helps to combat fear. The light given off by the Sunstone allows it to act on the psychic level. Its solar force fights negativity and helps to find peace. It has benefits against sadness, anxiety or emotional blockages.

In Crystal Healing, Sunstone also promotes self-confidence. Among its properties, we find many positive feelings like optimism or warmth. Moonstone, although also beneficial, finds its strength in gentleness and benevolence. From a purely physical point of view, Moonstone is white/blue while Sunstone is orange. The stone of femininity is associated with the Sacral Chakra, while the stone of vitality is associated with the Coronal Chakra.

Properties of sunstone and moonstone

Properties sunstone moonstone

Both stones belong to the feldspar family, the most common minerals on Earth. In Crystal Healing, feldspars are known to offer comfort and help one see things more clearly. Each in their own way, Moonstone and Sunstone allow their holders to reconnect with themselves and be more able to open up to others.

These two natural stones are mainly found in India and other parts of the world,, and Moonstone is even considered sacred in that part of the world. But the properties that bring Moonstone and Sunstone closest together is that they take their names from legends associated with the stars. Their powers come from nature. The Moon has always fascinated men. In ancient times, moonstone was considered the stone of the goddesses. The Indians said that it was created by the rays of the night star. Some stories said that Diana, the Roman goddess of the moon, could appear on the stone.

The sun has also always inspired tales and legends. In ancient times, the Sunstone was known for its magical properties. A Viking legend tells that it allowed access to Valhalla, a kind of paradise for warriors. Among the Greeks, the stone represented Helios, god of the sun and was used as a good luck charm.

Can we combine Moonstone and Sunstone?

In Crystal Healing, the combination of stones of different colors is not recommended. Nevertheless, the softness of Moonstone gives it the power to be associated with other natural stones, including Sunstone. By combining moonstone and sunstone jewelry, your femininity will be enhanced and emphasized. Sunstone allows the release of sexual energies, so it is possible to combine it with Sunstone to enhance the female libido.

Where is sunstone found?

Sunstone is found in metamorphic and igneous rocks in Canada, the United States, India, Norway, and Russia. Heliolite or sunstone is a variety of oligoclase. It owes its name to the mineralogist Jean-Claude Delamétherie in 1801, its spangled glitter recalling the glitter of the sun. This orange glittering sometimes iridescent green or blue is due to crystals of hematite or goethite, on which the light is reflected.

Benefits of the sunstone

Benefits of the sunstone

Considered as a hot stone by the experts in Crystal Healing, it strengthens the body and invigorates the organism. It will stimulate the people who wear it. They will be able to face better the activities of the everyday life. The stone also has an impact on stress management. The properties of the sunstone will thus have an important role to relax and avoid all the small disorders related to the anxieties like the palpitations. To be more appeased has also an action on the digestive system and the pains. The stone of Sun will still act favorably on the nervous system.

The mineral can also be used to relieve sore throats as well as intoxications mainly food. It can also act on the wounds by accelerating their cure. It still presents a role on the sleep which it supports. It can help to forget a particularly striking nightmare. The Heliolite (or sunstone) is a stone associated with the Yang, with the male side. It puts forward the fundamental energy and the blooming. It favors self-awareness and allows one to transform one's negative aspects into positive ones. One can thus adopt a more charismatic position. The stone favors personal ambitions.

The strength of the mineral allows to unblock the emotional problems. It also reduces worries by bringing confidence in oneself and in one's decisions. This positive aspect has another asset: it will reduce sadness and gloom. One feels better with a sunstone and one feels able to face life more easily. One is at peace with oneself and with the world. It is not for nothing that this mineral is considered as the stone of positive feelings!

To wear a sunstone is to feel empathy towards others. One seeks to meet other people and to open up to them. It is the perfect mineral to create new social relationships. It also allows to break psychological barriers. In short, it strengthens self-confidence and allows people who are a little shy to feel better.

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