What does the moonstone symbolize

What does the moonstone symbolize ?

The moonstone is related to women, tides and the unconscious. It is a mysterious stone, associated with the moon. In Eastern Europe, it has long been used as a good luck charm. In crystal healing, it is used to accompany those who use it on an inner journey to discover their own hidden truths. It helps to find the part of oneself that has been lost, often the truest. It brings light where (in the inner world) darkness has fallen. Discover what the moonstone symbolizes in our article. Whether for women, for men, in the world of jewelry and discover all the legends around this gemstone.

Moonstone is a lava stone and its crystal system is monoclinic. It belongs to the feldspar family like obsidian. It is commercially available in white, brown or blue with light reflections.

Who is the moonstone symbolism for?

moonstone symbolism

Moonstone is ideal for those who often find themselves victims of their own inner tides. It is well suited for those with unstable temperaments who easily go from laughing to crying. Moods fluctuate, providing a very particular, but no less true, rhythm to life. Those who feel a strong affinity with moonstone usually do not particularly like to think about what might happen to them beyond a few days and try to live life in the moment. They are aware that what they enjoy and want to do today may not reflect the wishes and dreams of tomorrow.

This behavior can actually be very balanced, allowing the person to live life with peace of mind. At other times, however, there may be a strong propensity for "lightness", to the point that every little commitment may be unbearable.

The symbolism of the moonstone for men and women

Moonstone can be used equally by men and women, although its affinity with the female gender is much more obvious. It has many properties, especially those related to the mental and spiritual sphere. At the end of this paragraph on the benefits of moonstone, you will find a more in-depth look at the relationship between moonstone and women.

Moonstone is not just used in crystal healing. Think of the Romans and Eastern peoples using this stone since almost 2000 in jewelry! In India too, it is a sacred stone and is said to be given to women at their wedding.

Symbolisms of the moonstone on the body

 moonstone on the body

Moonstone is said to help restore lost sleep. It protects during travel, especially that which involves crossing waters or is done at night. It is aligned with the female reproductive system. It gently accompanies pregnant women and promotes conception. It alleviates the pain of the menstrual cycle and that which often accompanies ovulation. It brings balance to the hormonal level and is useful against water retention. It can be used to help eliminate toxins from the body.

Symbolisms of the moonstone on the mind

Its reflected light illuminates our thoughts and gives us good advice. In addition, it has a strong balancing and calming power. By wearing it constantly, it helps to strengthen one's personality, to express oneself with confidence instead of repressing one's thoughts and emotions. It is used by those who suffer from nervous hunger to separate food from emotional deficiency. It is no coincidence that the moonstone studies that there are no emotional patterns stored in the subconscious that prevent us from developing our full potential.

The woman who wears the moonstone stimulates her intuitive and clairvoyant side. It stimulates the "kundalini" energy. When it is the man who wears it, he will be able to bring out his more sensitive side, in tune with his feminine side.

Symbolisms of moonstone on spirituality

moonstone on spirituality

On a spiritual level, moonstone helps to harmonize with the cycles of life and nature, putting aside those hectic rhythms we have become accustomed to obeying. Those who wish to make an inner journey should certainly not forgo moonstone in meditation; it will also help to recover some lost aspects of one's personality. It is a stone that can give courage and calm. It opens the heart to feelings, especially when it has been closed by too many disappointments. Using it, you will have prophetic dreams. It is also worn or kept close by those who practice other forms of divination.

The moonstone, when placed on the first chakra, stimulates Kundalini energy. It can remove emotional blockages that prevent one from having a child. The woman who wears it at night harmonizes her body with the natural cycles. The moonstone helps the artist to achieve maximum artistic expression. It promotes stability and self-acceptance. Moonstone helps those who feel the weight of their problems too much to appreciate themselves more for who they are.

In India, it represents hope and purity of spirit. It is the stone that denies the ego in favor of the true person. It strengthens faith and sustains it in those who make contemplative retreats for spiritual reasons.

Some legends about moonstone

  • According to an Asian legend, blue moonstones are born from the tides and the most beautiful and precious ones arrive every 21 years in the hands of men. However, this crystal was considered to be a mineral capable of bringing good luck. They believed that when its owner harbored anger and resentment, it lost its silver luster.
  • In India, it is considered a sacred stone, worthy of veneration. Tradition places it at the beginning of time, before the four-handed moon god. Being very sacred in India, its sale was only allowed if the stone was placed on a yellow cloth, a sacred color. It is believed to arouse passion in lovers.
  • According to Roman legend, it contained the image of Diana, the goddess of the moon, wealth and love. They also believed that wearing it would stimulate prophetic power to make wise decisions.

Types of moonstone

  • Blue moonstone : useful for having a clearer vision of things, staying focused on the present. Balances yin and yang energies.
  • Gray moonstone : used by shamans to see beyond, into the invisible realm. It helps to reach the mysteries.
  • White moonstone: stimulates the mind, vision and helps direct thoughts and actions towards dreams. Balances the mind and stimulates the kundalini.
  • Yellow moonstone : Stimulates the mind but also the emotions. Reduces worries and anxiety, makes you much more intuitive.
  • Rainbow moonstone : you can use it to work on the aura, it is ideal to bring energy. It protects the mind and makes dreams much more lucid.

How to use the moonstone symbol well?

use the moonstone symbol well

Did you choose the moonstone by chance, buying it instinctively? It seems that the message it wants to leave you is this: you must express what is on your heart in a free way. Be careful, however, if you have dreamed of the moonstone, according to some books on the meaning of dreams, it represents the arrival of an obstacle!

In meditation

The moonstone is excellent for meditation, as it helps you look deeper into yourself. It will help you find the missing pieces that are not allowing you to fully understand yourself right now.

Place it in the house

Place a moonstone in your home to encourage creativity and togetherness. It stimulates sincerity, even though it may hurt. It gives focus and determination. It enhances the work space, especially when shared with others.

Place it on the seventh chakra

Remember that the moonstone is connected to the crown chakra and thus the spiritual center. It helps you to identify with Spirit. Place it on the seventh chakra during meditation and you will be able to connect to the higher planes and gain the confidence you need to take brilliant new actions. It brings balance and removes negativity from the other chakras as well.

Lucky amulet

Looking for a lucky amulet? Then moonstone is for you. It is especially said to protect travelers who travel at night and on water. By wearing it, you will better focus your efforts. It acts as a filter, absorbing positive energy and keeping negative energy away.

Example of use of the moonstone

  • Wear moonstone to balance your personal rhythms and keep from getting caught up in the daily hustle and bustle.
  • Keep it under your pillow or near your bedside table to combat insomnia and attract positive, prophetic dreams.
  • You can use the moonstone in meditation to get in touch with higher energies.
  • For crystal healing treatments where you want to work on the chakras, place it on the seventh chakra to unblock and harmonize it.
  • Place the moonstone where you are working or studying for greater focus. The best place is in the northwest.

This gemstone is well known in jewelry and is indeed used to make rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings. We suggest you visit our store to enjoy the benefits and symbolism of moonstone. There is sure to be a piece of jewelry made for you!

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