Why is moonstone so expensive

Why is moonstone so expensive ?

Moonstone is one of the most beautiful and mysterious gems. Today it is a rare and expensive stone because the deposits found on the planet are being depleted little by little. Even today, moon worshippers all over the world hold moonstone in high esteem and moonstone jewelry is trendy and very appreciated. What makes moonstone so expensive? What are the reasons for its current price on the market and will it last in time? Find all the answers in our article.

Moonstone is a rare gemstone

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Moonstone, also known as adularia or orthoclase, is a rather rare variety of a very common rock-forming mineral, potassium feldspar (orthoclase), which belongs to the silicate class. Feldspar makes up nearly 60% of the earth's crust. Beautiful specimens of moonstone with a bluish or milky hue are used as ornamental stones for jewelry making and are expensive. The moonstone deposits in India and Sri Lanka are now almost exhausted, which significantly increases the price of moonstones. Deposits are also being mined in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Burma, Russia and Madagascar. Natural blue moonstones from Sri Lanka are the rarest and therefore expensive; the more yellowish moonstones are more common and therefore less valuable. Moonstones with a cat's eye effect or star pattern are also rare and quite expensive.

As this gemstone is not very common, there are many synthetic stones on the market that imitate moonstone. But they have a uniform texture without the typical brilliance of natural minerals. So please be careful when buying moonstone jewelry or rough moonstone. The price often reveals the value of the moonstone. Moonstone is the only feldspar that is still firmly established in the gemstone world. Moonstone is usually cut in the shape of a drop; its size may vary, but the shape is almost always respected. This shape is achieved through a special cut called a cabochon, this work done is obviously worth its price. The principle of the cut is that the light source is always in the center of the stone. The cabochon cut means that the stone has no facets, which makes it possible to observe the play of light and appreciate its beauty, often justifying the expensive price of the moonstone.

Qualities that make moonstone an expensive gemstone

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Moonstone belongs to the group of rare minerals and is distinguished by its extraordinarily beautiful color shades, with milky white, bluish, yellowish, gray and greenish hues. Moonstones come in a wide variety of colors and translucency, ranging from completely translucent to cloudy and translucent. One of the characteristics of natural moonstone is a unique light phenomenon called "adularescence", which consists of a flickering of the surface, a sort of characteristic shimmering when turned, that reveals a stunning color palette.

Beautiful specimens of moonstone and therefore the most expensive moonstones have an incredible three-dimensional depth that can be seen when turned. This is due to the layered structure of the mineral and the cleavage. It is this type of moonstone that is most sought after by jewelry makers, as their beauty is unparalleled and they prove to be perfect for the creation of rings, especially engagement rings.

Where are the most expensive moonstones extracted?

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The richest and most famous moonstone mining site is located in the south of Sri Lanka (Meetiyagoda). Sri Lankan moonstone is quite popular and the most sought after by jewelers. Its prices can vary considerably depending on the time, demands and harvests, and the most expensive varieties are those with an intense blue color, a brilliant inner luster and the greatest depth of color. Multicolored stones are the least in demand in the jewelry industry, and their prices are not very high. On average, the price of small stones that are not of the best quality starts at $1 per carat, while larger moonstones (3 to 4 carats) with great clarity and perfect color can cost from $70 per carat.

During the second half of the twentieth century, several other deposits were discovered. These include the island of Madagascar, the state of Virginia in the United States and Tanzania. If you have any doubts about a moonstone and its authenticity, check out our article to find out if your moonstone is real or not.

For whom are expensive moonstones intended?

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Moonstone is recommended for people with a strong character, who tend to dream and fantasize. For them, the moonstone will bring luck in business and will soften a little the character. But if the owner is a distrustful and temperamental person, the moonstone will reinforce these traits and turn the wearer into a parody of himself. Some legends say that moonstone could help the wearer to find a soul mate and keep this mutual feeling for life. That is why jewelry with it was often worn preferably by unmarried girls. As a protective amulet or good luck charm, moonstone should always be worn by people with creative professions: artists, poets, musicians, etc. One of its many qualities is that it broadens the mind and unleashes one's potential.

Libra, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio are among the favorites of this gemstone. Each of the representatives of these signs will benefit from moonstone and its patronage.

The benefits of the most precious moonstones

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Moonstone is said to have the power to cure sleepwalking and other psychiatric disorders. Modern healers recommend the stone as a treatment for insomnia and nightmares. The stone also normalizes digestion, restores metabolism and reduces appetite during dieting. If you wear a rare and precious moonstone permanently, you can get rid of arrhythmia, irrational fears, fits of anger.

It is also said that moonstone has a beneficial effect on the character of the wearer. As such, it will make you more kind and gentle. It opens the wearer's heart to love. A man can therefore give a necklace or earrings with a moonstone to his beloved. At the same time, the mineral softens explosive natures and brings balance to their character. A moonstone talisman protects against the evil eye and evil thoughts. The properties of the moonstone are also enhanced during the full moon if the moonstone worn is a real one. The stone will also be a reliable protector of all those who are born under the full moon.

Where to find the most beautiful moonstone jewelry ?

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