Moonstone adularescence

Moonstone adularescence

Moonstone is an adularia belonging to the feldspar family. In the feldspar family, we find amazonite, sunstone and labradorite. Moonstone is particularly characterized from other gemstones by the variety of its colors but also by its adularescence. Let's discover together what is the moonstone adularescence.

Moonstone adularescence definition

moonstone Adularescence definition

Adularescence is an optical phenomenon of iridescence, similar to labradorescence and adventurescence. This optical effect is also called the Schiller effect, and occurs in gemstones such as moonstones or labradorite. Adularescence is caused by scattered light passing through the exsolution lamellae which act as scattering centers, creating a bluish hue or luster.

Meaning of the moonstone adularescence

Meaning of the moonstone adularescence

Adularescence is a vibrant and natural optical effect similar to the glittering appearance of the moon on a cloudless evening. Its name is derived from "adularia", a mineralogical term for moonstone. When a gem displays a brilliant light, which appears to float beneath its surface, the effect is known as adularescence. The Schiller effect exists because of light interference caused by light having to pass through layers with slightly different optical properties. For an opal, the phenomenon is called opalescence.

Adularescence distinguishes blue moonstone from almost every other gemstone on Earth. This sparkling, ethereal luster seems to ripple across the surface as if it were alive. This optical effect has attracted attention throughout the ages, giving moonstone mystical powers. However, adularescence is a geological phenomenon that, even in its physicality, inspires wonder. This mystical light often floats on the surface of the stone. At other times, it floats like wispy clouds drifting across the sky. While a number of gems demonstrate this exquisite optical effect, moonstone remains the most remarkable.

Does moonstone glow in the dark?

Like the moon star that lights up the sky, moonstone has an adularescence that gives it that soft glow. However, this gem has no phosphorescent materials in its composition, which means it does not glow in the dark.

What color is the adularescence of moonstone?

color adularescence moonstone

Moonstone is distinguished by its adularescence but also by its many varieties. One might think that it is white, but not only! It offers a wide range of colors. Opaque or transparent, white, black, beige, orange, pink, gray, black or green,... Moonstone is amazing and captivates all those who wear it. Discover all the colors of moonstone adularescence :

  • White moonstone : White moonstone varies from a creamy white to an off-white tone with a shimmer.
  • Blue moonstone : Rich in dominant blue energy and sparkling in white energy, it has eminently protective virtues. The blue moonstone is mainly sold in India and Sri Lanka.
  • Rainbow moonstone : This is a coveted variety of white moonstone because of its adularescence which gives it a blue glow and makes it appear softly glowing inside.
  • Orange moonstone : Peach moonstone varies from a light beige tone to an orange color. This is a common color of moonstone. It also has a nice adularescence.
  • Pink moonstone : Pink moonstone varies from a light pink color to a deep salmon. It brings a lot of softness.
  • Gray moonstone : Gray moonstone ranges from a very light gray to a darker gray with an iridescent appearance and bluish highlights.
  • Black moonstone : Black moonstone ranges from a light silvery gray to a dark charcoal color. This color of moonstone is rarer than the others. There are lighter veins in the stone, ranging from beige to orange.
  • Green moonstone : Its real name is Garnierite. It is green in color with the presence of veins.

Jewelry and moonstone adularescence

moonstone adularescence jewelry

If you really want to make the most of the power and beauty of moonstone adularescence, the best way to introduce it into your daily life is to wear moonstone jewelry. Whether you choose a gorgeous moonstone bracelet or a beautiful moonstone ring on your finger, having the stone directly against your skin allows you to enjoy the beauty of the stone, as well as its benefits.

Moonstone symbolizes feminine energy (yin), fertility, helps balance our emotions, accept cyclical changes and stay connected to our intuition. It also symbolizes compassion, gentleness, kindness, empathy.

In close resonance with the sacral chakra, moonstone is linked to the female cycle. It can accompany each period of a woman's life. Pregnant women will be able to use it during all their pregnancy until the childbirth to be more serene. In summary, moonstone is an incredible gemstone for balancing energy, helping to temper and calm the emotions, and for developing your sacred feminine.

Gemstones with adularescence

Gemstones with adularescence

Moonstone can be combined with other gemstones with adularescence. Here are some suggestions for possible combinations depending on the color of the moonstone and the desired effect.

  • Labradorite : Labradorite goes very well with white or beige moonstone to develop your intuitive mind.
  • Rose Quartz : If you wish to strengthen feelings of love, gentleness towards others as well as yourself, combine Pink Moonstone with Rose Quartz.
  • Carnelian : To stimulate sexuality, combine Orange Moonstone with Carnelian or Sunstone.
  • Amethyst : To bring serenity in your daily life, to calm your emotions, Amethyst can be a second ally.
  • Obsidian : And to finish, combine the black moonstone with Obsidian for more anchorage.

Where to buy moonstone with adularescence ?

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