black moonstone All about it

Black moonstone - All about it

Black moonstone stands out among the gems mainly because of its unique black brilliance. For this reason, the gemstone was already sought after in ancient times and was mainly used as a talisman and gemstone. More recently, the glamorous stone has become a new celebrity, as it was increasingly used in the hippie culture of the 1960s for jewelry production.

Traditionally, black moonstone is mined primarily in Sri Lanka. Specimens found here are characterized by high transparency, which in some cases may also have a hint of milky white. India's capstones, however, are generally duller overall, may have various dark shades or include a slight orange tinge in their basic hue. Other localities include Australia and Brazil, as well as the United States, Madagascar, Tanzania and Myanmar. In Europe, black moonstone is found in Austria.

Metaphysical properties of black moonstone

 Metaphysical properties of black moonstone

  • Group of belonging : Feldspars.
  • Chemical composition : Double silicate of aluminum and potassium, KAlSi38O8
  • Crystal system : Monoclinic
  • Hardness : Between 6 and 6.5 Mohs
  • Ground(s) : Australia, Burma, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, United States.
  • Color(s) : Colorless, White highlights, black.
  • Origin of the name : The origin comes from the Sanskrit words "kanta", meaning "beloved", and "chandra", meaning "moon".

Black moonstone is a mineral composed of double silicate of aluminum and potassium (KAlSi38O8) and belonging to the feldspar group. Its crystal system is monoclinic and on the mohs scale (1 to 10), black moonstone has a hardness between 6 and 6.5 Mohs. The deposits of this stone are located in Tanzania, Sri Lanka, the United States, Australia, Burma, Brazil, Madagascar and India. It is a colorless stone with black and white reflections. Its density is about 2.5.

The black moonstone is distinguished from others by its variable luminescence. In addition to that, when we look at the stone under the microscope, we notice that it has lamellae superimposed on each other. If you want to get one, you must be careful with falls because it is very sensitive to shocks. A small fall is enough to fracture the stone.

Black moonstone meaning

Black moonstone meaning

The black moonstone is a stone of intuition that will strengthen your perception and sensations. The chakras will naturally open to make you more sensitive to energy fluctuations. This black stone will help you make decisions as it develops your intuition to the maximum. It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone. Black moonstone enhances your creativity. This stone will keep mental clutter away to let you be free to be yourself. By increasing your self-confidence, you will never doubt yourself again. It is possible to use the stone during your meditation sessions as the stone allows you to travel and connect with the cosmos.

Linked to maternal and lunar energy, it helps balance the female cycle. Known to harmonize and balance feminine energies. The moonstone is also an anchor stone with which we can work the root chakra but also the third eye chakra.

Black moonstone healing properties

moonstone healing properties

Black moonstone encourages us to move forward and not give up until we reach our goal. It strengthens concentration and creativity. The black moonstone opens the energy field to the highest vibrations. Working with this stone allows you to meet a spiritual guide or guardian. Keep it close to you and ask for a mentor (who may be spiritual or earthly) to come to you for advice and guidance.

It is a powerful stone for seers and shamans to guide them into the invisible realms. It has a very strong connection to the divine feminine. This variety of moonstone is traditionally used to balance the female hormonal cycle and provide support during menopause.

Use of the black moonstone in Crystal Healing

Popular in Crystal Healing (or lithotherapy) as an anchor stone, black moonstone is associated with the root chakra. Like tourmaline and onyx, the dark color of this variety of moonstone helps us keep our feet on the ground. Just hold it in your hands for a few minutes or sleep with it, and it brings back buried memories, to accept and digest them.

Very linked to the sacred feminine, it increases emotional intelligence. Very useful in energetic healing, to stabilize minds charged with sudden energy or strong emotions. The black moonstone recharges under the rays of the moon.

The history of the black moonstone

history of the black moonstone

Black moonstone has attracted and seduced humans since the dawn of time. Because of its spectacular properties, the stone has other names such as fish eye, white labradorite, silver or even moonstone. All these names express the admiration of humans who have crossed its path. There are also other names that refer to known deposits. Adular is a nickname given to black moonstone because it refers to the impressive deposit located at the foot of Mount Adule in Switzerland.

The black moonstone was discovered by René-Just Haüy in 1801. At the time of its discovery, its extraordinary beauty was forever engraved in people's memories. Some people call the stone "Hecatolite" in reference to Hecate, goddess of the moon and fertility. According to Greek mythology, this stone has mystical powers. Many druids and scholars used the stone to make healing objects. In ancient Greece and the Middle Ages, the stone was used to protect children and pregnant women during their pregnancy. The Egyptians used it to protect themselves from evil spirits.

The black moonstone is very often used in popular culture, such as in video games with The Elder Scrolls. In this game, the stone is used to forge very strong elven armors. TV shows talk about this stone, like in season 2 of The Vampire Diaries where the enchantresses use the black moonstone to put an end to the werewolf curse. Today, this stone is used to make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, rings).

Black moonstone and astrological signs 

Black moonstone and astrological signs

The black moonstone is a stone with powerful virtues acting on all the natives of the zodiac. However, particular affinities are created with certain astrological signs. It is in particular the case for the following signs: 


Symbol of family, origins and nostalgia. This sign represents imagination, sensitivity and fertility. Wearing a black moonstone gives him confidence, as this sign often lives in anxiety. He has a great need for security and softness. He likes to evolve within his family, where he feels loved. He can then let his imagination run free, because he is very creative. Suffering from the fear of abandonment, he does everything to make himself indispensable. He sometimes tries to hide his shyness behind a mask of coldness. He can then be unpleasant and aggressive. However, he loves to take care of others and is very generous. He sometimes reacts like a child and may even start to sulk. It is then up to the other person to make the first move. They are not adventurous and enjoy their routine. In love, they are gentle, sentimental and affectionate. He shows a great romanticism. He is a person known as "emotionally dependent". He constantly needs to be reassured. He is often jealous and possessive.


Symbol of ambition, social success and perseverance. This sign represents obstinacy, patience and solitude. Wearing a black moonstone allows him to open up a little more to others. Indeed, this sign tends to live alone. It is sometimes said that he is self-sufficient. They are organized, methodical and have integrity. They are often associated with knowledge and expertise. They are often sought after for advice. Very early on, they know what they want to do with their life and will do anything to get it, even if it means working hard. This sign does not reveal itself easily and has a hard time trusting people. Thus, he relies only on himself. He is reliable and honest. It will take time for him to become aware of his value. In love, he is wary of passion and he is very complexed. He has a hard time letting go. He does not trust easily. He prefers to remain in reserve rather than risk a failure in love. However, he dreams of finding love. With time and maturity, he will prove to be ardent and passionate. He will then be able to start a family.


Symbol of the infinite, the unlimited and religion. This sign represents sacrifice, trials and betrayal. Wearing a black moonstone develops his intuition and his clairvoyance. He also has many artistic gifts, especially in music. He can be very sensitive and likes to pretend to be a victim. They tend to run away from the real world and create a softer, safer world for themselves. They are overly suggestible and can fall into all sorts of addictions. They like to live in a world of fantasy. He often has incredible flair and intuition. He can smell a good deal and can become a great financier. He sometimes has anxiety or panic attacks. They do not need a job with too much responsibility, as they would not be able to handle it. This sign has a great tendency to lack self-confidence. In love, he can be very promiscuous while looking for true love. They like to let go of themselves completely and merge with their partner. He is always afraid of being abandoned and tends to idealize his conquest too much. Thus, he will tend to devalue himself. He must learn to get out of his fantasies.   

Black moonstone and chakras

black moonstone and chakras

The black moonstone helps to balance the solar plexus chakra. This one is located above the navel in the front and at the level of the dorsal vertebrae D11 and D12 in the back. It represents self-esteem, willpower, instinct and openness to others. The balanced solar plexus chakra gives confidence to the person. They are strong-willed and will do anything to achieve their goals. The person is joyful, open and spontaneous. 

An unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra, which is too open, makes the person proud, conceited and a perfectionist. It is often a person filled with hate, anger and dissatisfaction. They want to be in control, to be right all the time and are often rude and disrespectful. 

The solar plexus chakra is unbalanced, closed and blocks emotions. The person lacks fighting spirit, ambition and self-confidence. They suffer from a sickly shyness and are often submissive. He is unable to assume his responsibilities.

Which stones to associate with a black moonstone?

black moonstone color

As a reminder, in crystal healing, to associate minerals, they must have common virtues. If the stones are not compatible, you will not benefit from any virtues. We advise you to associate a black moonstone with a carnelian because this stone will improve your intuition and reinforce your sensitivity.

Recharging and purification of the black moonstone

Torn from its natural environment, the black moonstone can no longer be purified or recharged by the elements that surround it, such as the sun, water or earth. Moreover, it has been in contact with many positive or negative energies. As soon as it arrives in your home, it is imperative to proceed to the purification and the recharge of your black moonstone. The following operations are to be carried out in maintenance at least once a month.  

Immerse your black moonstone in a transparent glass filled with spring water for 2 hours. Dry it gently with a soft cloth. For a lighter purification, use the technique of fumigation with white sage or in a Tibetan bowl.  Place your black moonstone in the rays of the full moon. You can also put it in an amethyst geode or on a quartz cluster for 24 hours. 

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