Moonstone and the chakras

Moonstone and chakras

The moonstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the intersection of all energies of the human body. It brings inner peace, vitality and happiness. This chakra has a direct influence on the balance of the digestive system. Discover with us all the meaning of the moonstone on the chakra and the impact that this gemstone can have on your spirituality.

What is chakra?

What is chakra

The word chakra is Sanskrit and means wheel of vital energy "swirling wheel of energy". Our chakras can be considered as energy wheels where our energy flows. When we experience imbalances in our body, mind and spirit, one or more of our chakras are often suppressed or over-stimulated and energy cannot flow unimpeded through the wheels, or it flows too fast.

It is said that the body and soul are connected to each other and are constantly reflected in each other throughout life. This connection is sometimes a source of problems, for example in case of physical pain or imbalance. But how do the physical and spiritual dimensions work together in us? These systems move at completely different frequencies.

In yoga, we talk about spiritual energy portals that have the ability to transform energy between the spiritual and the physical and beyond through various refined systems. They are not in the body but are attached to it. They form a network that is often simplified as the seven most central portals, connected to seven points that lie in a row one below the other along the spine.

Spiritual properties of moonstone

Spiritual properties of moonstone

Moonstone is used to facilitate past life therapies. The stone is particularly useful for delving into past lives and finding the roots or original causes of difficulties encountered in the present. It is a protective stone that repels psychic attacks and diverts negative energies from the aura. The rainbow moonstone, on the other hand, helps to cut the wires of other people's projections, needs and emotions that may have clung to your aura. It can calm an overactive mind, bring new ideas and stimulate the imagination.

This gemstone is introspective, a stone that leads us to meaningful insights into our true nature and purpose here on Earth. It recalls repressed memories of the past and illuminates the present. Rainbow moonstone is a stone of transformation and prepares the soul and body for the process of ascension. This crystal is closely related to the idea of the "divine feminine", the maternal feminine power of the universe. By tapping into this energy, you will always have a mother figure guiding you in spiritual form.

In addition to its emotional healing properties, this moonstone is known to be a stone of protection. In ancient Rome, moonstone was said to protect travelers, especially those who traveled at night. It also gave hope to those who were left behind by a traveler. However, perhaps the most well-known use of the moonstone is for love and romance. It is an ancient traditional sign of everlasting love, removing anger from relationships and helping you accept the love of others.

How to connect moonstone with your chakras

connect moonstone with your chakras

To attract the desired benefits, you can use moonstone in different ways. The most common is to use it in everyday accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. By being in direct contact with the skin, the properties of the moonstone are intensified and promote the chakras. Another way to wear it is to put it in your purse or left pants pocket. During the day you can hold the crystal for a few minutes and mentalize the positive energies.

If you wish to have revealing dreams, sleep with the moonstone under your pillow. If your intention is to strengthen your mind, place the stone in the center of your forehead and meditate for 30 minutes for a few weeks. It can also be used on the sacrum and solar plexus chakras (2nd and 3rd respectively) to soothe feelings such as resentment and envy.

The stone can also be placed inside filters to purify water. Thus, its properties can work in the body and help fight diseases and ailments.

Meaning of moonstone associated with the chakra

Moonstone can nourish, enthuse and awaken your chakras and feminine energies. It can heal you and guide you on your inner path. With the rising and setting of the moon, it evokes a tranquility that has a sensual and esoteric aspect. It emanates a brilliant vitality that can energize the mind and body by ridding them of negativity. Because it is enveloped in strong rays of gold, blue and violet, the stone is perpetually enveloped in a sparkling white energy that makes it an absolutely protective gemstone. These stones belong to the feldspar family of minerals. They are opalescent stones that can be found in colorless, peach, pink, green, gray, yellow, brown and blue. The play of light observed in its crystal is called adularescence and its clarity varies from transparent to opaque.

Moonstone has the property to fascinate gem lovers from different cultures with its otherworldly facade. The pearly iridescence it displays is so beautiful that it surely holds a deep meaning: the magical power of the moonstone. And it's true, its mysterious name and playful color conceal an imposing meaning. Moonstone is highly valued by monks, shamans, spiritualists and followers of various religions. As old as the moon itself, the significance of this stone lies in its energy and the benefits that act on the chakras.

The benefits of moonstone on the chakra

benefits of moonstone on the chakra

Connected to the crown, third eye and heart chakras, moonstone stimulates spiritual connection, eliminates stress and reconnects the wearer to the higher energies of the universe, opens the heart to divine, personal and romantic love, breaks old wounds and prepares to receive pure and loyal love.

To achieve the benefits of chakra balancing, the moonstone can be placed over the third eye, head or heart area and center its energy in a moment of meditation or full attention. The crystal can also be worn as jewelry, as earrings to work the upper chakras and as a necklace to work the heart chakra. The moonstone can also be placed over the sacrum and solar plexus chakras to relieve feelings of hurt, resentment and envy. 

The moonstone in meditation

You can add the use of moonstone to your meditation. It can be used in any chakra, but it is most often used in the 7th chakra (the crown chakra, located at the top of the head) to connect the individual to the universe and in the 6th chakra (the frontal chakra, located between the eyebrows).

List of the 7 chakras

 List of the 7 chakras

We live in our entire chakra system all the time - and the balance depends on how the energy is distributed. Simply put, our chakras supply the rest of the body with energy. Let's discover the seven chakras that make up our body.

1. Muladhara (Root)

Muladhara Root

Physical identity, desire for self-preservation. In the first chakra, consciousness focuses on survival issues, such as safety and security, financial matters and health problems. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest itself, for example, as laziness, obesity and materialism. Deficits can manifest as fear, underweight, restlessness and distraction.

  • Associated gemstones : carnelian, garnet, red tiger's eye, hematite, black tourmaline, bloodstone, agate, red jasper, smoky quartz, black onyx.

2. Svadhisthana (Sacral)

Svadhisthana Sacral

Emotional identity, focused on satisfaction. In this chakra, consciousness focuses on what we feel and smell, our desires, impulses and sensations. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest as excessive emotionality, difficulty in respecting boundaries, sex addiction and debauchery. Deficits can manifest as rigidity, emotional numbness, fear of pleasure.

  • Associated gemstones : Carnelian, citrine, coral, moonstone, bronzite, amber, yellow tiger's eye.

3. Manipura (Solar Plexus)

Manipura Solar Plexus

Our egotic identity, focused on self-definition. Here, consciousness focuses on who we are trying to be in the world, how we define ourselves and what we are trying to accomplish through our actions. An excess of energy in the third chakra can manifest itself, for example, in dominant, accusatory or aggressive behavior, and a need to be constantly busy. Deficits can manifest as weak willpower, low self-esteem and passivity.

  • Associated gemstones : citrine, calcite, topaz, malachite, pyrite, yellow jasper, rutile quartz.

4. Anahata (Heart)

Anahata Heart

Social identity, focused on self-acceptance. Our social identity only wants to be loved and accepted by others. This chakra represents our relational awareness, which includes awareness of others and the relationships around us. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest itself, for example, in codependency, jealousy and narcissism. Deficits can manifest as shyness, isolation in loneliness, bitterness and a lack of empathy.

  • Associated gemstones : jade, moss agate, rose quartz, green tourmaline, aventurine, peridot, rodonite.

5. Vishudda (Throat)

Vishudda Throat

Creative identity, focused on self-expression. This level of consciousness focuses on communication, which includes both listening and speaking, as well as creative expression. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest as excessive talkativeness and difficulty listening. Deficits can manifest as a fear of speaking and uneven speech patterns.

  • Associated gemstones : lapis lazuli, turquoise, aquamarine, amazonite, sodalite, angelite.

6. Ajna (Third Eye)

Ajna Third Eye

Archetypal identity, focused on self-reflection. Here consciousness focuses on the big picture. This is where we develop our intuition and create a vision for our life. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest itself, for example, in headaches, nightmares, hallucinations and difficulties in concentration. Deficits can manifest as poor memory, poor vision, difficulty seeing shapes and denial.

  • Associated gemstones : amethyst, fluorite, black obsidian, angelite.

7. Sahasrara (Crown)

Sahasrara Crown

Universal identity, focused on self-knowledge. When we enter into self-awareness, we realize that we are part of a universal unity, and we experience an inner and outer union. This awareness is the true source of self-knowledge. Excess energy in this chakra can manifest itself, for example, as excessive intellectualism, spiritual dependence, confusion and dissociation. Deficits can manifest as learning difficulties, spiritual skepticism, materialism and apathy.

  • Associated gemstones : amethyst, selenite, rock crystal, moonstone.


Both sober and elegant, moonstone has always been surrounded by a celestial aura that acts on the chakras of thousands of humans. Since ancient times, it has fascinated by its resemblance to this familiar yet mysterious star, the only source of light to guide us in the dark. Its luminous brilliance and white color - reminiscent of the universe of the divine - make it one of the most prized stones for meditation practitioners. If you want to buy a moonstone in the form of jewelry, feel free to browse our jewelry collections.

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