Does moonstone improve fertility

Does moonstone improve fertility?

Symbol of femininity, the moonstone is known for its numerous virtues. This one would have a strong influence on the feminine menstrual cycles and would have the gift to soothe the one who wears it. Among all the benefits of this mineral is also the improvement of fertility. According to some people, this beautiful natural stone with beautiful bluish reflections will indeed have the ability to improve the chances of pregnancy. Information or misinformation? In this article, we will answer this question!

Moonstone and fertility

We already know that moonstone helps to align hormone production and improve female metabolism. Although there is no scientific evidence to prove this, many women can attest to this. Also, moonstone would be able to greatly improve the fertility chances of the one who has it with her throughout the day. Moreover, this mineral would have the faculty to facilitate the childbirth and to balance the hormonal system. It is possible to wear it as a jewel or simply to have a stone in the pocket.

We advise women who wish to have a baby to wear a moonstone permanently, ideally in the form of jewelry. Its regulating properties favor the balance of menstruation and hormonal secretions. It also relieves painful, irregular or heavy periods. The moonstone develops the yin side during pregnancy. The father can also wear this stone to be even more in tune with his feminine side and that of the mother. It will act on your digestive system, reducing acid reflux, but also on your skin, your complexion and your hair.

When your baby will be born, the moonstone will support your rise of milk. It will bring harmony and serenity throughout the growth of your baby.

Other benefits of moonstone on women

 benefits of moonstone on women

The moonstone has an infinite number of virtues. In addition to increasing the chances of fertility and benefits related to the female reproductive system, here are all the things that this beautiful natural cabochon will give you:

  • A greater appeasement
  • A greater sensitivity
  • You will be more conciliatory
  • Your imagination will be developed
  • A bigger softness
  • You serve more happily
  • A greater tolerance
  • You will become more clear-sighted
  • Your stress will be considerably reduced
  • You will be less bitter
  • The simplest things will be enough for you
  • Develop the ability to have premonitory dreams

There are still a lot of very appreciable benefits, but the ones we have just mentioned are the most important. You have now understood: the moonstone has many advantages that complement its great beauty. Indeed, this sublime stone has beautiful bluish effects. Some are very white, others are more transparent. It depends on their origins across the planet (Tibet, Sri Lanka, India ...).

To conclude, the moonstone is one of the crystals that will make you benefit from the strongest impacts on fertility. You will see your chances of getting pregnant increased tenfold while owning a sumptuous jewel. All the other benefits of this natural cabochon such as calming or stress reduction are also very appreciable.

The symbolism of the moonstone

moonstone symbolizes femininity

The moonstone symbolizes femininity and maternity with its rounded shape. Synonymous with simplicity and softness, it stimulates fertility. So, if you wish to conceive a child, you can wear a jewel set with moonstone. If you do not wear jewelry, it is always possible to put your moonstone in your pocket. You should know that this mineral also has the ability to regulate menstruation and hormonal secretions. It also helps to relieve painful and/or irregular periods. During pregnancy, moonstone develops the yin side. The future father can also wear it to develop this "maternal" side. Furthermore, moonstone reduces acid reflux and is beneficial for the skin, the complexion and the hair. It also has valuable relaxing properties.

Wearing moonstone jewelry during your pregnancy

The feminine side of the moonstone is unanimously recognized by all cultures that have used it over the centuries. From China to Sri Lanka, through the Middle East, it is common knowledge that moonstone would be conducive to the development of satisfying sexual relationships and marital happiness but it would also promote many specific aspects of women's lives, as we have seen, including fertility and pregnancy.

Wearing moonstone jewelry would definitely be very effective in promoting fertility. This is why women in the Middle East used to wear a moonstone earring in the past. It is also a particularly suitable accompaniment to pregnancy, as it would establish a strong bond between mother and child and would also extend the duration of lactation after childbirth. Finally, it would limit the appearance of menstrual pain and the negative effects of menopause on the mind.

What is moonstone made of?

moonstone made of

The moonstone or hecatolite, contrary to what its name indicates, does not come from the moon, but from a very terrestrial rock made of potassium and sodium. Its brilliance and pearly whiteness come from the light reflected by its perthitic texture. This gemological term describes the entanglement of two alkaline feldpaths. In moonstone, it is the orthoclase and albite that come into play to give us this wonderful light show.

Its brilliance has a peculiarity called "adularescence" or "Schiller effect" in mineralogy and gemmology. It consists of a shimmering effect coming from underneath the surface of the illuminated stone. Thanks to the perthite texture, the reflected rays give an impression of a surface in volume with a milky color between mother-of-pearl and bluish, the colors that can be found when looking at the full moon in very good weather.

Moonstone is translucent, clear and smooth, it does not reflect all the colors of the rainbow, just the whites, pinks and blues. It is found in its natural state mainly in Lake Sevan in Armenia, but also in Australia, Norway, Poland, India, in the Swiss Alps... In view of the diversity of climates and land parallels in which it is found, there is no logic, it would seem that it began to form even before our earth was cut into several continents...

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