Vintage Blue Moonstone Ring

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  • Beautiful silver ring with a blue moonstone

    The unique style of this vintage blue moonstone ring is indescribable. One thing is for sure: this one will give you its benefits. The 925 silver plating on this piece of jewelry makes it beautiful and durable.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver S925
    • 5 sizes available. Size guide below
    SizeCircumference in inch / mm
    62,04 in / 51,9 mm
    72,14 in / 54,4 mm
    82,24 in / 57 mm
    92,33 in / 59,5 mm
    102,45 in / 62,1 mm


    Symbol of the blue moonstone

    Closely related to the Mother Goddess, the blue moonstone is a fine stone popular among women of all ages. Iridescent in appearance and enchantingly bright, this semi-precious stone is meant to embody the moon; its reflective surface reminds us that the moon follows the circle of life, just as we do. Women and men can use moonstone to help the digestive system, using the stone to relieve painful symptoms associated with Crohn's disease, inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

    Blue moonstone is also said to enhance psychic awareness and intuitive sensitivity. Moonstone can also be used in meditation, helping the viewer to process personal emotions and calm the body and mind. When used as an elixir, moonstone can help treat insomnia. Sufferers should place a small stone under their pillow to promote deep, peaceful sleep. When used in combination with amethyst, the stone can also help prevent sleepwalking.

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