Vintage Antique Moonstone Ring

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  • Beautiful moonstone ring in a vintage and antique style

    With its bluish reflections and unmatched softness, the moonstone in this vintage and antique ring has many surprises in store for you. Enjoy its many benefits, each one as useful as the next! Placed in the center of the silver jewel, the stone is perceived as a king.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver S925
    • 5 sizes available. Size guide below
    SizeCircumference in inch / mm
    62,04 in / 51,9 mm
    72,14 in / 54,4 mm
    82,24 in / 57 mm
    92,33 in / 59,5 mm
    102,45 in / 62,1 mm


    A legendary gemstone

    Everything about this legendary gemstone embodies the moon. Ancient and mysterious, the moonstone has been used in Roman jewelry since the early centuries and in the East, even further back in history. It is a traditional wedding gift in India. Along with the pearl, the moonstone is considered the birthstone of the month of June.

    Of course, moonstone does not come from the moon. Rather, it comes from Sri Lanka, but also from Australia, Brazil, India, Myanmar, Austria and the United States. But it does have something essential in common with the moon: the fairy-tale shimmer you see when the moonlight reflects off the water - soft, rippling, mystical.

    Breathtaking vintage and antique style

    Whether as a gift for your true love, a surprise for your best friend, or simply as a piece of jewelry for yourself, moonstone rings from our store bring delight to all those with active imaginations and romantic souls, who love mysteries and delight in true beauty. 

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