Vintage Silver Moonstone Ring

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  • A vintage silver moonstone ring that will appeal to all elegant people.

    With its ancient and unique patterns, this vintage silver moonstone ring will enhance the wearer. Its geometry will be appreciated by jewelry lovers. Its 925 silver design makes it shiny and resplendent in any circumstance. The moonstone is genuine and natural.

    The silver band that holds the moonstone in this ring is polished in 925 Sterling and accompanied by beautiful vintage engravings. The timeless design of this exquisite piece makes it a graceful accompaniment to any outfit. Such enrichment coupled with the ethereal shimmer of the moonstone creates a simple yet very sophisticated appeal.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver S925
    • 5 sizes available. Size guide below
    SizeCircumference in inch / mm
    51,95 in / 49,3mm
    62,04 in / 51,9 mm
    72,14 in / 54,4 mm
    82,24 in / 57 mm
    92,33 in / 59,5 mm
    102,45 in / 62,1 mm
    112,54 in / 64,6 mm
    122,64 in / 67,2 mm


    A unique vintage silver moonstone ring

    As all of our wonderful semi-precious stones are created by Mother Nature, each piece is unique in appearance. We cannot guarantee that your stone will look exactly like the picture, but we believe that is where all its beauty lies.

    An ancient ring with many benevolent properties

    Everything about this legendary gemstone represents the moon. Ancient and mysterious, the moonstone has been used in Roman jewelry since the early centuries and in the East, even further back in history. It is a traditional wedding gift in India. Along with the pearl, the moonstone is considered the birthstone of June.

    Also known as the traveler's stone, moonstone has been used for protection, especially at night when the moon shines on the water. Moonstone is thought to calm and focus the mind, encourage creativity and balance emotions, and is associated with romance and love. Gems have long been linked to celestial energies and many myths and legends have evolved about them regarding their origins. Like the gems themselves, these origin myths are just as captivating.

    Here are some gemstone myths you should know about

    Rose Quartz: Rose quartz is believed to hold exceptional celestial energies. When given to a baby, rose quartz can transform the spirit of the non-physical world into a physical being.

    Amber Stone: In ancient times, sailors and navigators believed that burning amber stone could guarantee safety from various kinds of sea monsters.

    Tourmaline: It is believed, according to Egyptian legend, that the alternative of the blue sapphire tourmaline stone passed through a rainbow from the deepest parts of the earth to the surface towards the sun. This has led to a wide range of hues that are associated with this stone.

    Turquoise: Legend describes that there was once a noble American chief whose skin was as bright blue as turquoise. He was once fleeing his enemies across a desert. Small beads of sweat emanated from his body and fell to the ground when he stopped to eat. These beads accumulated in the ground and renewed themselves into small pieces of turquoise gemstones.

    Chrysoprase stone: Option to the May birthstone, it is a bright green variant of chalcedony that has long been used as a good luck charm.

    Alexander the Great is thought to have worn the Chrysoprase stone on his girdle. It is believed that this stone was highly responsible for bringing him his triumphs in battles. However, when Alexander was bathing in the waters of the Euphrates one day, he put his sheath down near the bank and a snake took the Chrysoprase and disappeared into the water.

    Alexander's luck disappeared, and he could not win any battles afterwards.