Moonstone Jewelry

We take great care to ensure that every piece of moonstone jewelry we offer in our store is handcrafted from natural, unprocessed moonstones. The moonstone jewelry in our collection has been selected for its white or blue luster and natural opalescent white color. Our jewelry is certified without treatment or chemicals. You can therefore wear them daily and according to your desires. Moonstone jewelry has become a real fashion accessory over the years. Although each type of jewelry has its own meaning, they can occupy new functions. Moonstone jewelry can be worn for decorative purposes (because it is beautiful), for identity purposes (because it links to another group of people), for religious purposes (because of what it represents), or for sentimental purposes (because it reminds one of a memory and has a priceless value in the eyes of its owner). They allow you to assert your style: whether you are bohemian chic, modern, fancy or classic.

How to choose a moonstone jewel ?

Associated since antiquity with femininity, moonstone brings softness and restores the feminine and masculine energy balance. Wearing or offering a moonstone ring is an ideal way to express through a piece of jewelry one's emotional and sincere bond with the loved one. As a universal symbol of femininity, giving a moonstone jewel for Valentine's Day, an engagement or an anniversary is a perfect proof of love.

If you prefer a necklace, wearing a moonstone necklace or a moonstone pendant relieves pain related to the menstrual cycle, calms aggression and strong masculine energies. It stimulates intuition and envelops us in an aura of softness and purity. Stone of renewal, it teaches us that everything is part of a cycle. Worn as a bracelet, the moonstone accompanies us during important changes in our lives and helps us to pass the stages smoothly. A beaded moonstone bracelet (prefer a 6 or 8mm bead size, softer) is an invitation to gentleness and compassion.

We also offer beautiful moonstone earrings in our store. Earrings are the embodiment of purity. For a bluish glow, prefer cabochon earrings, which will better enhance the opalescence of the stone. Also know that in meditation, the energy of the moonstone allows to reach a deeper meditative state. It calms the emotions and refocuses the energies of Yin and Yang.

Where does the moonstone in our jewelry come from?

With the exception of the Black Moonstone, which is only found in Madagascar, we have chosen to source our moonstones exclusively from Sri Lanka, which practices ethical and responsible artisanal extraction, without chemicals or environmental degradation. It is also in this region that we find the finest quality moonstone for jewelry making.

There are several colors of moonstone, from white to black, through shades of orange and pink. The most sought-after quality of moonstone is a pearly white with bluish iridescence, which can only be found in Sri Lanka or Tanzania. Each of these varieties is unique, and each has its own properties.

The beauty of moonstone in a jewel

Moonstone illustrates a strong symbolism whose history goes back to antiquity. Its pearly aspect recalls the clarity of the moon and earns it this celestial name. Between heaven and earth, moonstone draws its origins from its resemblance to the lunar star. In ancient times, it was considered the stone of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. From this mythological force, it would be thus sought for its virtues bearing on the feeling of the love.

The deposits of this stone with naturally luminous reflections are found mainly in Sri Lanka, Brazil, the United States, India ... This stone is particularly prized for its adularescence, a natural shimmering that is illustrated under the surface of the stone following the interactions of the internal layers of the mineral. It belongs to the category of feldspar stones whose main characteristic is this adularescence.

Purification of your moonstone jewelry

Like all jewelry used in crystal healing, your moonstone jewelry will need to be regularly purified and recharged. After a few days, you will no longer feel the energy of your jewel because it will have been overused. It will then be necessary to purify it before recharging it.

  • Purification by fumigation:

Light a Peruvian Palo Santo stick, and circulate the smoke in such a way as to impregnate the moonstone jewel with the smoke. Then extinguish the stick and place it in an abalone tree to conclude the ritual.

  • Recharging:

Once your moonstone jewel has been purified, leave it to recharge overnight in the moonlight to regain its full energy.

How to clean moonstone jewelry

To clean your moonstone jewelry, here is a very effective method that will restore its brilliance.

  • Step 1: Place your moonstone jewelry on a clean towel.
  • Step 2: Take a soft-bristled toothbrush and run it under warm water. Place a drop of dishwashing liquid (no more) on your jewelry. Then gently scrub it with a circular motion.
  • Step 3: Rinse your moonstone jewelry by running it quickly under water to remove the soap,
  • Step 4: Blot it with the towel and air dry it before storing.

If you are near a river or stream, you can clean your moonstone by the vibrations of nature. Dip your jewel in water, to purify it and discharge any negative energies absorbed.