Vintage Oval Moonstone Ring

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  • Beautiful silver ring S925 set with an oval moonstone

    With the various flowers adorned all around this vintage and oval moonstone ring, nature fans will be won over! Placed in the center, the moonstone with soft blue highlights is genuine. A unique piece of jewelry with a wonderful 925 silver plating and a resplendent natural stone.

    • Materials : Moonstone & Sterling Silver 925
    • 5 sizes available. Size guide below
    SizeCircumference in inch / mm
    62,04 in / 51,9 mm
    72,14 in / 54,4 mm
    82,24 in / 57 mm
    92,33 in / 59,5 mm
    102,45 in / 62,1 mm


    An oval moonstone set in a beautiful silver ring S925

    With its textured swirls of water and moonlight, gazing at this mesmerizing rough stone is like looking out at the ocean on a perfect summer evening. A beautiful engraved 925 Sterling Silver bezel surrounds the stone, set on a cluster band. As all our beautiful semi-precious stones are created by Mother Nature, each piece is unique in appearance. So we cannot guarantee that your stone will look exactly like the image, but we believe that is where all its magnificence lies.

    Meaning of the oval moonstone

    Everything about this legendary gemstone evokes the moon. Ancient and mysterious, the oval moonstone has been used in Roman jewelry since the early centuries and in the East, even earlier in history. It is a traditional wedding gift in India. Along with the pearl, the moonstone is considered the birthstone of June.

    The moonstone shines with such a splendid glow - and with that the secret of its name is solved. This soft shimmer comes from the way the thin layers of minerals send the light rays in different directions. Just like a mountain lake, moonstone reflects light - giving it its magic touch and unique breathtaking brilliance.

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