Moonstone Rings

Discover our exclusive collection of moonstone rings. Our online store specializing offers high quality jewelry carefully selected by our experts in terms of mineralogy. The manufacturing process of the rings established by our quality charter ensures you natural gemstones which will bring you style and benefits.

Natural moonstones mounted on high-end materials like silver and gold

Our range of moonstone rings is composed of unique designs made from real moonstone and mounted on luxurious materials like 925 sterling silver, gold, white gold or rose gold. Most of our moonstones are cabochon cut, so as to bring out the blue glow, called adularescence, of each gemstone. Some of our rarest moonstones have a breathtaking rainbow color, they are among the most appreciated moonstone rings by jewelers around the world.

Each model offered for sale is made in a very few copies because natural moonstones are rare, we benefit from a direct supplier network with the extraction mines located in countries known for the most beautiful moonstones such as India and Sri Lanka. Whether you prefer big rings or thinner rings, it's best to wear a moonstone ring on its own, on the ring finger or middle finger. Its purity is so important that the sparkle is enough to give a charming style to your hand.

The highest quality moonstone for the manufacture of our rings

Moonstone Store guarantees that each moonstone is natural and genuine. Our suppliers are located in Asia (mainly Tibet and Sri Lanka) or India to ensure a high quality moonstone that meets your expectations. Before each shipment, we check the conformity of the stone: no cracks or stains, we check the cut of the precious stone so that its clarity is pure.

A mineral from the feldspar group of rocks and belonging to the silicate group, moonstone is a rare variety of orthoclase that appeals to jewelers all over the world. Whether you are looking for the benefits of this stone known in Crystal Healing or the beauty of its aesthetics, you are bound to find the moonstone ring that suits you in our collection, This increasingly rare gemstone is very much appreciated by jewelry lovers who love to have this kind of high-end ring on their finger. 

A natural gemstone that pleases women for its brightness of blue

The feminine energy that emanates from natural moonstones makes them a perfect gift idea for women. A moonstone ring helps us connect with nature, the earth, our surroundings, our family and ourselves. You can give such a jewel to your fiancé, as an engagement ring, to make your love flourish for long years thanks to the virtues of this gemstone, marriages are always successful with a moonstone engagement ring. Each of our gemstones is cabochon-cut to bring out the beautiful blue reflections of adularescence.