How to wear the moonstone

How to wear the moonstone ?

Are you eager to learn more about the spiritual significance of your moonstone jewelry? Want to know how to wear a moonstone with your other pieces for the perfect style? At Moonstone Store, our philosophy is precisely to combine spirituality and design, in this post, the editors have chosen to tell you about this lunar gemstone that fuels the myths and legends of Vedic astrology, as well as to explain to you how to wear your moonstone jewelry with style and distinction.

After reading this article you will know exactly how to match your favorite moonstone rings with your entire wardrobe, and you will know how to choose the perfect moonstone jewelry for you. You will be able to see through the mysterious haze that surrounds this rainbow stone, and be able to live in fulfillment with your favorite jewelry. You will also be able to put into precise words your attraction to this mysterious gem, and thus make discover this magnificent moonstone to your loved ones.

Why wear a moonstone?

Why wear a moonstone

If you were born under the zodiac signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Libra, wearing a moonstone will help you overcome obstacles in your life. Outside of the zodiac signs, if you are trying to attract the power of the moon, the moonstone will be perfect for you. If you know almost nothing about astrology, moonstone can still help you if you are in the service industry as a doctor, teacher, hotelier or manager. But there would be other benefits. From depression to emotional instability, the moonstone ring has many benefits. For those born in June, moonstone is your birthstone. All the more reason to get one!

The benefits of wearing a moonstone

Let's start by looking at what our favorite stone represents in Vedic astrology: The moonstone obviously represents the lunar star. If your horoscope receives the benefits of the moon, wearing genuine moonstone jewelry is an essential. According to astrology, the Selenite star reflects the soul and spirit of man, and directly impacts the way we think and live.

Discover the benefits of wearing a moonstone in jewelry :

  • Moonstones are known to attract good fortune and help predict the future.
  • It enhances intuition and promotes inspiration.
  • It is also believed to bring success in love and business.
  • Also considered a traveling stone, it is said to offer protection on land and sea.
  • Moonstones are also used by healers to stimulate pineal gland function and balance internal hormone production cycles.
  • These semi-precious stones are considered very beneficial for creative people, especially those working in the music industry.

According to the myths, the moonstone would help to develop self-confidence, and would promote the exchange of fluid through our body envelope when we wear it, but it is important to find a competent astrologer according to the Vedic precepts. In the case of an evil moon in your horoscope, wearing a moonstone as jewelry can be unfavorable.

To adorn the moonstone, wear it as a ring or pendant around your neck. Vedic astrology recommends wearing moonstone jewelry on the little finger of the right hand to balance the chakras.

Which moonstone to choose?

Which moonstone to choose

Moonstones are usually cut as beads, cabochons or faceted. In our opinion, the best cut for these gems are cabochons which show the natural adularescence phenomena within the stone. However, faceted moonstones are becoming increasingly popular because of their ability to hide inclusions within the stone. One of the most popular cuts for moonstone is the rose cut because it enhances the color and texture of the stone, adding depth and angles.

While blue moonstone is often the most popular choice for pendants, you can also find pendants in other moonstone colors. A moonstone pendant with delicate matching moonstone earrings is a beautiful and eye-catching combination. Earrings work for any occasion. You can find studs for a casual everyday outfit, and like pearls, they add a touch of class to any outfit. Long, beautiful moonstone earrings dress up any outfit immediately! You can also opt for bracelets in a variety of designs, some with a large moonstone in the center and others with a pearl necklace.  They pair exceptionally well with silver colored metals or rose gold and are great for casual and formal wear.

Moonstones come in both small and large sizes. Jewelers often prefer stones in the 1 to 5 carat range, which are readily available, for their jewelry designs. The larger, clearer stones of about 15 to 20 carats are very rare and valuable. And as an anecdote, the largest moonstone ever found weighed between 300 and 450 carats! Be sure to buy a real moonstone and not a fake one if you are considering wearing a moonstone as jewelry, check out our guide to find out if your moonstone is real.

What metal is associated with moonstone?

Most Sri Lankan jewelers use sterling silver to make their rings. That's why other metal alloys like gold or platinum are very very rare when it comes to rings or choker necklaces. If you find it difficult to wear your jewelry all day, the best times are early in the morning on Monday, or especially during the full moon, so don't miss out!

The advantages of wearing moonstone jewelry

advantages of wearing moonstone jewelry

The best time to attract and use the meanings of moonstone is by wearing it as jewelry to have it constantly connected to your body envelope. Moonstone locates your chakra energies to align with the moon's to purify and rejuvenate your spirit.

The Traveler's Talisman is what our ancestors called the moonstone. They wore moonstones on their long journeys and travels on land and sea. If you are a hiker or cyclist, wearing a moonstone ring can help you keep your footing and avoid danger. For those who also hunt for their destiny, the moonstone can be a guide. For long road trips, keep a moonstone hanging around your neck as a necklace, for example.

The anti-stress effects of moonstone work by resetting your brain. The flood of cortisol causes stress and the main cause is negative thoughts. By having a moonstone as a piece of jewelry, you will have calming visions as it acts on your chakras. The creamier the moonstone, the better your perception and intuition, thus reducing anxiety.

Peace and wisdom are other added benefits of wearing moonstone. It relaxes and comforts you as you discover more about yourself. When you wear moonstone to activate your chakras, you find yourself naturally drawn to knowledge and excited to learn. This is why moonstone is great for children, as well as adults who are going to interviews and have stressful lives.

Supreme advantage: Insomnia will never bother you again if you have a moonstone close to you, like a piece of jewelry stuck to your skin. It drives bad sleep out of your body and restores the circadian rhythm. If you suffer from sleep disorders such as waking up in the middle of the night or sleep apnea, moonstone can help relieve them forever.

What crystals should I wear with my moonstone?

Wearing amethyst with moonstone detoxifies the body. It also aligns the third eye chakras with the crown to open your mind to new dimensions. A number of unsuspected spiritual virtues!

  • Wearing alexandrite with rainbow moonstone helps reduce the impact of emotional burdens, making it easier to let go.
  • Wearing labradorite with moonstone improves your astral travel and clairvoyance.
  • Wearing turquoise with the moonstone transforms the moonstone into a stone that boosts your confidence and allows you to see the future.

How to wear a perfect rainbow moonstone?

perfect rainbow moonstone

Some moonstones have a rather blue, translucent and very characteristic hue throughout the stone. A shimmering effect and dreamy hues are considered very beneficial in astrology. To be most effective spiritually, they should have no visible internal inclusions when polished into cabochons, for example. Moonstones from Sri Lankan deposits are considered to be the most effective in the field of crystal healing.

Sri Lankan moonstones glow pale blue on an almost transparent background, while Indian specimens show a nebulous play of light and shadow on a beige-brown, green, orange or brown background.

Why choose a moonstone engagement ring?

The moonstone is the central choice of an engagement ring, it is eye-catching and unique. The cat's eye effect and sparkle of the stone really make it stand out. If it is surrounded by other smaller stones (darker colors are best), the natural color of the stone stands out even more. The popularity of the moonstone as a center stone for engagement rings continues to grow. Many unconventional couples trying to break away from the traditional diamond ring would find this a beautiful alternative.

However, before you get too excited, keep in mind that moonstone has a hardness of 6.0 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale. This makes it a fairly soft stone compared to sapphires or diamonds and would require care and maintenance to prolong its life. We do not recommend moonstone in engagement rings, but if it is set in a protective setting, such as a bezel or halo, and if reasonably cared for, a moonstone ring is a unique and beautiful choice.

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