Moonstone Earrings

You know it better than us: silver and moonstone go together perfectly. At Moonstone Store we work every day to offer you jewelry that will please you and your loved ones. That's why our catalog is constantly growing, and regularly offers new moonstone earrings. Our moonstones are of course genuine and natural. Most of them come from Sri Lanka, a country very famous for these gemstones. Each earring is unique.

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Just take a look at our catalog to realize the variety of choice. Whether you are a jewelry lover or a seasoned Crystal Healing, you are sure to find something to your liking! We offer two types of moonstone earrings: dangle and chip. Generally, only our smallest jewels hold thanks to a chip attachment. Anyway, we wish you an excellent visit and a lot of happiness. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

You should also know that moonstone offers excellent virtues. To miss them would be a great loss! As a reminder, the main benefits are: soothing, relaxation, fertility, better intuition, more sensitivity and tolerance and less stress. The moonstone also promotes premonitory dreams. It is the stone of femininity. Wearing it as earrings is a brilliant idea that will make you sparkle! This mineral also helps with pregnancy, and is easily recharged.

Why wear moonstone earrings?

Essential accessories in women's fashion, earrings have become essential to go out. There are all kinds depending on taste and preferences. But in the lot, the moonstone earrings are now part of the modern trend. Moonstone being a gemstone, the jewelry made from it has a very important value.

First, wearing moonstone earrings is a way to be refined and elegant in style. In addition to that, opting for the moonstone is a sure value to assert its femininity in all discretion but also with a certain insolence. The clarity of the jewel has a double advantage: the first being to attract attention and the second, to highlight the face. Creole earrings for example captivate the eyes with their more or less imposing shape. Likewise, the silver ones are ideal to accompany your most elegant outfits, especially for special occasions.

Another reason to wear moonstone earrings is that they offer a wide variety of choices and adaptability to all situations. Indeed, the earrings are available in several shapes and models: moon, round, stud, pendant, stars, etc.. They are also adaptable to all styles of clothing as well as all other moonstone jewelry that you wish to wear. One last reason not to separate yourself from your earrings is that they are known to attract positive vibes and cover you with a good aura.

What are the benefits of moonstone earrings?

For those who are interested, the practice of Crystal Healing extols the many virtues of the gemstone that is the moonstone. Since the dawn of time, it is a sacred material that brings many benefits on both the psychic and physical levels. Thus, we can say that the stone jewels chase away negative thoughts and purify your mind by attracting only positive vibrations. They have the ability to fight against stress and fear by creating a climate of self-confidence that boosts you in your various activities. Wearing silver accessories such as a moonstone necklace is a way to attract gentleness, a virtue that facilitates contact and exchanges with others. That's not all: the precious stone is known to stimulate intuition and receptivity in women.

Moreover, the virtues of the moonstone on the physical level are particularly related to the good female balance. In this sense, it is useful for pregnancy and childbirth because it stimulates hormonal secretions. Similarly, menstrual disorders can be controlled with a moonstone. Its use is also recommended for cases of infertility. At the same time, moonstone is known to stimulate the lymphatic and digestive systems. In short, so many beneficial virtues that could definitely change your life.

Silver, gold, rainbow, oval or teardrop shaped

One of the best combinations of rainbow jewelry is the result of moonstone and silver as in a real moonstone ring. Besides, the current trend is the silver stone that enhances both the metal and the stone. You will find many specialized brands on the market that will offer you unique and very satisfying products. The designs are very varied and details such as color (especially white, blue, gray) and the shape of the stone are emphasized to meet all tastes. If you love dangling earrings, you can adopt them again in a sterling silver style that will be more of a hit.

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If you are looking for a fine, delicate and refined piece of jewelry, moonstone earrings are ideal! Indeed, they allow to combine 2 very important things for a woman: the bright aestheticism and the beneficial properties of the stone.

You are wondering how to get moonstone earrings. There are generally three ways to acquire them:

  • Order the jewelry from a gemstone artisan
  • Go to a store selling women's items or a jewelry store
  • Order your earrings in an online store with a delivery service (paid or free)

If in the first case, you have the possibility to personalize your jewelry, the service is sometimes very slow and more expensive. On the other hand, a visit to a store will allow you to quickly get an idea of the prices in order to adapt them to your budget. It is also possible to make your purchase online without any constraints. Some sites offer in addition to their very affordable prices, free delivery to avoid wasting time.

In short, moonstone earrings, just like the star itself, are very beautiful and virtuous. Thus, to adorn the ear and beautify the face, moonstone earrings are therefore the accessories of first choice. You will surely appreciate and adopt them.

The most beautiful jewelry for sale in our store

By choosing a model of silver moonstone earrings, you will add the perfect element for a great durability of your jewelry, without risk of seeing them tarnish or oxidize.

Depending on your tastes, your desires, your outfits or the colors you wish to wear, your pair of earrings will always be the right moonstone jewelry to bring the final touch that is sometimes missing.

Whether you choose a model with shades of white, blue or rainbow, whether you complement it with amethyst, quartz or carnelian, the colors will always be appropriate because moonstone goes with all colors.

Ideally, you will complement them with a moonstone bracelet, a moonstone ring, a moonstone necklace or even a Moonstone Pendant. The perfect set is the one that combines all this real jewelry at once! Thus adorned, you will be ready to go to work, to go out or simply to meet with your loved ones for a pleasant moment.

The virtues of this gemstone are not limited to its aesthetic properties. By wearing moonstone earrings, your energetic chakras will be activated and you will benefit from the influence of this stone for women which stimulates fertility, soothes and brings serenity. Your stomach aches will diminish and your intuition will sharpen.

Whether the moonstone is your birthstone, a small gift or a purchase you made for yourself, you will enjoy its benefits for a long time. You will just have to proceed to a regular purification and recharging to benefit from its full energies!